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Supernatural 9x04 "Slumber Party"

Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 9x04 'Slumber Party' by freshfromthe.com
I'm not in Kansas anymore.
Though they kicked Cas out of the bunker last week, the brothers Winchester are still hanging out in the home of the Men of Letters. Sam has been investigating what went on with the map board going haywire when all of the angels landed, and thinks there must be some way to wire it to track the angels. Only the decades-old computer they find downstairs is really out of their league, so they have to call up an expert.

Yep, Charlie's back. And it turns out she's been doing some hunting on her own in the meantime. The boys are less than approving of her hunting alone, and with good reason, but nonetheless it's to business. She's able to hotwire the computer or something, but before they can use it, they notice something weird on the wall. You see, earlier, when they were messing with the computer, they knocked over this bottle of liquid that spilled onto the wall. And now a girl spills out of a cocoon-like thing that grew from the liquid. Just who is this girl?

Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 9x04 'Slumber Party' by freshfromthe.com
Auntie Em, Auntie Em!
Well, let's flash back to the 1930s Men of Letters to find out! It turns out that she's none other than Dorothy, the Dorothy that went to Oz. Because apparently now we can insert completely new "fairy worlds" into the world of Supernatural, and that's okay. But, this Dorothy is more of a hunter than a girl in distress. She's brought the Wicked Witch to the bunker to find a way to kill her. Alas, the Men of Letters don't know how to do that, so she ends up doing a spell that locks her and the witch inside that bottle.

So, back in the present, the trio gets caught up on Dorothy and the Witch, who came to this world looking for some key. Luckily, Dorothy knows just what key she means. That is, a key that opens any door directly into Oz. She believes the witch would like to go back to Oz and decimate it for good.

Luckily, there are now ways to at least slow the witch down thanks to some tireless research done by some old Men of Letters. Charlie whips up some poppy bullets and they head out to find the key that Dean conveniently had just seen not too long ago, and also has somewhere in his room. He and Charlie go to get the key, only to get the witch after them. She goes to green lightning bolt Dean, only Charlie jumps in the way, which kills her. But because this is Supernatural and death means nothing, Dean asks Zeke to bring her back. Zeke agrees, but says that he's only at half strength so this is going to mean he'll have to stay in Sam longer.

Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 9x04 'Slumber Party' by freshfromthe.com
V-necks for Hunters.
Anyway, when Charlie reminds Dorothy that the stories in the books aren't all lies told by her father to gloss over the truth, Dorothy has a brainwave - she still has the ruby slippers, and they have magic in them. Pointy heel magic, I guess. And just plain red pumps, no glittering rubies to be seen. Dean and Sam get possessed by the witch, which is really weird because um, Sam is already possessed? They do battle with Dorothy while Charlie slips away just as the witch is opening the portal to Oz and beckoning her minions to come to her, come to her, my pretties. Yes, she did not want to go back to Oz, but rather bring her baddies to our world.

But, no luck for her, because Charlie saves the day, killing her with the red high heels. And, because she's had a nice connection with Dorothy, Dorothy invites her along to go back to Oz with her and finish whatever rebellion she started. And, because Charlie has been lamenting the lack of magic in the hunting life, she of course decides to go with her. So, I guess that gets rid of Charlie for a while.

Random Thoughts:

- Game of Thrones references! Always love me a good GoT reference. Also fun to see what the boys do in their downtime, because honestly, they must have some downtime, you know?

- There's a lot of talk about how Sam hasn't moved in to the Men of Letters bunker and how he's never really had a home and anytime he has, it's pretty much gone up in flames, blah di blah. Age old discussions of misspent childhoods for $200, Alex.

- How many times are we going to see someone die arbitrarily so Zeke has to save them? Can we be done with that now? At least Sam finally heard the name Zeke and is wondering just who that is. Sam ain't no dummy. Dean's stories aren't making a whole lot of logical sense.

- When the young, impressionable Man of Letters was killed after being all starry-eyed about everything, it seemed to me that meant Charlie would die too because of the symmetry and whatnot, but then I thought to myself, no, that would be too obvious. Well. She did die. Ba dum bum.

- Next week's episode looks stupid, I'm sorry. Do we not remember the last time we had some dog-centic storyline and how terrible that episode was?


Dean: This was your idea?
Sam: Do you see anyone else in here?

Charlie: I took down a teenage vampire and a ghost. Which sounds like a YA novel when I say it out loud.

Sam: So... you've been hunting.
Dean: Alone.
Charlie: I know. Not a good idea according to the Supernatural books.
Sam: You really can't delete those from the internet?
Charlie: Not even I can do that.

Sam: Nothing. Nobody. No bells. No.

Charlie: You keep your porn meticulously organized, but not--
Dean: Don't judge me.

Charlie: Ding dong, bitches.

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  1. When you say it that way, it sounds stupid. I think this episode kind of had a fresh outlook on an old story. Not my favorite episode, of course, but I didn't think it was too bad.

    I'm fairly new to Supernatural and even newer to your blog. I would like to say you are almost always spot on and extremely hilarious. I look forward to reading your recaps every Wednesday morning and I've spent some enjoyable hours pouring over your top ten lists.

    Also, I agree with you, next week does look fairly stupid.

    1. I liked the episode for about half of it, then I started to think about it, and I don't know, just didn't like it as much.

      Thanks for the lovely comment, I appreciate it!