Friday, January 31, 2014

King of the Nerds 2x02 "Weird... Science?"

The poll has spoken! I will be doing weekly reviews of our dear King of the Nerds! Luckily the show is only eight episodes long, I believe, so this won't be a huge undertaking. Last week, there wasn't much competing going on with it being the first episode, other than in the Nerd Off. This week, we get an actual challenge where some true colors were put on full display for the first time. And oh boy were they.

The challenge was all about science, more specifically about creating a science fair-like presentation about volcanoes. They would be judged both on the science and the wow factor of their presentations. The teams went in wildly different directions for this challenge, which is always fun to see. It was interesting, actually, because while one team was more scientific in their presentation, their actual mountain was fantastical, while the other team was more fantastical in their presentation, but was more realistic in their mountain - ie, it was a real volcano.

Both teams were not without some drama in the creation of their projects. Team Midas Touch Attack, aka team yellow, at first seemed to get along better than the Titans of Rigel, aka team purple. Kayla was very concerned about the science of their presentation, while the rest of her team was more focused on theatricality of the actual presentation, and this caused some disparity. Team yellow was hampered by Zack, who seemed to be on a bit of a high horse, meditating and taking naps while the rest of his team worked. Of course, he believed he was the backbone in making their presentation. It's hard to say because of editing what the 100% truth is, but he did not come off well, let's just put it that way. I believe I did predict he would possibly get drunk with power? Hmm.

Fare thee well, Josh. I was rooting for you!
Anyway! When it came down to it, the purple team ended up winning. Bill Nye the Science Guy was a guest judge and appreciated their use of Yellowstone as their mountain, and the theatricality of their presentation. He was also joined on the judging panel by Mayim Bialik and... some whiz kid genius. Sorry, I forgot to write down his name. This meant the yellow team was to go up on the chopping block, and here is where the true drama began. Zack figured he was safe, but all of his teammates were not on the bandwagon, and voted him into the Nerd Off. He had a bit of a tirade when this went down, and made all of us audience members root for the purple team's choice - Josh. Their reasoning was he would not be very good at science, and they wanted to keep Zack on the other team to cause more strife.

Alas, the purple team's plan worked. Josh got a little too harried in the Nerd Off, which basically involved memorizing not only what the human organs do, but some "alien" equivalents as well. Josh messed up on figuring out it was the heart that had ventricles and chambers, and that pretty much lost him the game, which is only going to bolster Zack's megalomania at this point. Perhaps the show is painting him more as a villain than he is, but I don't know. He was pretty rude to Josh when they were both voted into the Nerd Off, so it's hard to say.

Anyway, next week is sure to be full of drama now that Zack remains on the yellow team. I do hope the contestants don't make the same mistake as last year by keeping in someone they don't see as threat for a super long time, who then ends up winning the whole thing when they shouldn't. Grumble, grumble.

So, who are you rooting for to take it all? I think it's still a little too soon to say who might make it. After next week I will probably have a better idea who I'm rooting for, and who I think will at least make it to the finals.

Until next time...

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    1. Whoops! Was writing quickly. Thanks for the heads up, have updated.