Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Supernatural 9x13 "The Purge"

After so much heavy drama, a lighter episode like tonight's was much needed. Granted, it wasn't a full on comedic episode like we've seen in the past, BUT it did feature a drugged Dean in a hairnet, which is always good for a laugh.

Recap/review of Supernatural 9x13 "The Purge" by freshfromthe.com
Holy arm muscles, Batman.
Hearkening back to the episodes of old, a dude gets killed in a rather gruesome way in the opening - after winning a hot dog eating competition, all of his fat is completely sucked out of him. Like, we're talking full on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade yuck. The boys, still on the outs emotionally but ready to work on cases together, head on over to Minnesota, don't ya know, to investigate. For Dean, this also consists of eating powdered donuts, because obviously.

When another victim falls dead of mass fat suckage, they notice she's got some funky suction mark on her. In fact, so does another girl who works at the very gym where the lady died. But, she's not dead, hey! No, she just happened to lose a bunch of weight after going to some Canyon Valley spa run by an apparent couple of yuppies.

Sam and Dean head on over to the spa and get jobs - Sam as a trainer, and Dean as lowly kitchen staff after he sort of bombed the interview. When Sam is leading his yoga class, he notices that all of the people in the class have these same suction marks on them. Meanwhile, the sheriff we met earlier is also there (though I totally did not get that it was her until later when she saw Sam in the hall). She's getting treatment, aka "cupping" with the matron of the joint. Of course, this isn't just regular cupping. This is some monster tongue suckage action going on.

Recap/review of Supernatural 9x13 "The Purge" by freshfromthe.com
Time for some tofu pancakes?
Well, the owners get wind that all is not legit with the Winchesters, and figure out they're hunters. But Maritsa (or however you spell her name!) does not seem the type that would be killing people when she has this legit business going on, you know? Of course not. It's got to be a stressed family relationship, so that it ties in with the stressed family relationship of our two leads somehow. I kind of wished it had tied in more than it did, but anywho, it turns out the kitchen dude who had been bossing Dean around all episode is Maritsa's brother, another pishtaco Peruvian parasite fat sucker, only he's not content with the apparently meager amounts they get at the spa, so resorted to sucking people to death.

Sam and Dean go to find him, after he kills Maritsa's husband of course, and, fisticuffs, blah blah, Dean cuts off the guys parasite tongue, killing him. He's also all for killing Maritsa too despite her best intentions, but Sam talks him out of it. Is this not a conversation they've had a bajillion times, including last week's episode? Not sure why Dean always finds it so surprising.

And, of course, to wrap things up at the end of the day, the boys have to hash out some of their emotional drama. Basically, Sam accuses Dean of saving him not for Sam's sake, but for his own, because he is afraid of being alone, a la Maritsa. Dean retorts that Sam would do the same thing for him, but Sam says nope. Therein lies the fundamental difference, I suppose, between the two. Sam some years ago might have agreed with Dean, but a lot has changed since then. Oh, angst!

Random Thoughts:

- Does real cupping bring up those huge red mounds of flesh? Apparently yes. Creepster!

- I really wanted something to happen with the Mark of Cain thing when Dean came in to save Sam. In other things I've read, the Mark of Cain basically made the possessor invincible to death. Anyone who tried to kill or even hurt that person ended up getting what they were about to do done back to them. I'm not sure the show will go in that direction, but obviously there must be some sort of consequences for that thing. Just a question of when we're going to find out more.

- Somehow the boys have to resolve this difference between them. I'm not sure how, but perhaps it will have to do with the whole Mark of Cain business that is sure to become more of a thing.

- Um, WHY is Snooki going to be on this show? Boo.


Dean: Yet another reason to stay away from salads.

Sam: Any idea what the vic weighed beforehand?
Officer: 165.
Dean: So...180. Known fact, women lie about their weight and age.
Sam: Wait, you told that waitress the other day you were 29.

Dean: Nice shorts.
Sam: Nice hairnet.

Dean: How do you know anything about yoga?
Sam: You're not the only one who's dated someone bendy.

Maritsa: I'm a pishtaco.
Dean: A fish taco?

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