Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Most Popular / Most Overlooked Recipes

I may be a few days behind the New Year, but I figure you get a week of reflecting back, right? Sure you do! Right now I'm reflecting on what baking/food posts on these here blog have been the most popular, and which have been the most overlooked. As you know, or you maybe don't know, I often give props to TV shows that I love, and also those that are underappreciated, so I figure, why not do that with some of my recipes too?

Now normally I would probably just do this for 2013, but because this is a brand new thing I haven't done before, I'm going to do alllll of my baking posts! Which maybe isn't as fair because the 2013 ones don't have the benefit of time like the older ones for most popular, but oh well! This is not science! Or is baking a science? An art? My boyfriend and I could not quite decide. It's an artful science! That you get to eat!


Five Most Popular Recipes

These are REALLY amazing. Soft, chewy, full of chocolate and toffee bits. Yum.

I know this is blurry. It was taken quite a while ago and sadly the camera I was using was not the best! Nonetheless, these are an alternative to buying fiber bars at the store.

 I mean, who doesn't want to dig into their very own gooey chocolate chip cookie souffle?

These cookies are quite flat, so you may think they wouldn't be chewy. But they ARE! Pretty great chocolate chip cookie option.

This is probably just taunting you right now, huh? So summery and delightful! One of the best bundt cakes I've ever tasted, that's for sure.

Five Most Overlooked Recipes 
* These are a little more opinion based than the straight most-popular above. I included ones that have low numbers that I also think are really good, rather than just low numbers alone. *

It saddens me that these have not been very popular on here. Of course, they're one of the older recipes before anyone knew about this blog, so that could be one contributing factor. Nonetheless, an older recipe does not mean a worse recipe (just sometimes worse photos!). These are great for anyone who likes peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. They are soft and delightful and not OVERLY peanut butter-y.

 Literally my first recipe posted on here - EVER! You can see I did not know how to take pictures in the right kind of lighting. Maybe one day when I make this again I will update it! Anyway, this is something that is made almost every single year for Thanksgiving. It rolls your pie and your cake into one, and you really won't be able to resist the topping. One of my all-time favorites.

 These are actually a more recent recipe. I'm not sure if Nutella is passe now or people see blondie and think I'd rather have a brownie, but in either case, they would be missing out. These are a great little bar with flavors that compliment each other without overwhelming each other. If you like Nutella at all, you should try this!

These are serious crowd pleasers. I don't think I've ever had someone NOT like these. They are, granted, super sweet. But man, the gooeyness that the marshamallows give to these bars just send them over the top into amazingness.

Coffee Cake Muffins

 These are a great morning muffin. Or even a dessert muffin. You can make them in these big muffin tins so you eat only one, or do a regular-sized variety, but then you're gonna eat two. Or three. 

There you have it! I hope you do check out some of those overlooked ones. Honestly, I wouldn't post about them if I didn't fully back them as being really good. I also apologize for the terrible nature of some of the photographs. Yeesh! I swear I'm getting better! I mean, the toffee bits cookies ones are decent, right?!

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