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Supernatural 9x10 "Road Trip"

Recap/review of Supernatural 9x10 'Road Trip' by freshfromthe.com
Confused. Look confused and alarmed.
Well guys, the hellatus is over, though it hardly felt like a hiatus at all to me! Time flies and all that (especially during the holidays). Anyway, last we saw the brothers Winchester, things were not so good. Sam was possessed by Gadreel and killed Kevin, then left Dean alone in the aftermath. Castiel regained "his" grace by killing another angel and stealing his, and Crowley was still left tied up in the basement.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Dean can at least finally tell Castiel why he had to be so very rude to him some episodes ago. But they don't have much of a plan for how to find and get Sam back. Because the only way to get Gadreel out of Sam's head is to get Sam to realize he's being possessed. Enter Crowley, who previously had hard-wired an angel and was able to get inside his brain, or energy, or whatever angels are made of.

Meanwhile, Gadreel is still doing Metatron's bidding, killing angels on a mysterious list. After he kills his heavenly prison tormenter, he's assigned the angel who was in prison with him all that time, and while you may hope that Gadreel would have some doubts about killing him, he of course is so focused on this greater good and redeeming himself, that he doesn't stop to think that maybe mass angel murder isn't really the way to go. Once you trust one deceiver, I guess you just trust them all.

Recap/review of Supernatural 9x10 'Road Trip' by freshfromthe.com
I'll point you out of my brother, Gadreel, just you watch!
Anyhow, Dean must make a reluctant deal with Crowley for his help - to take him with them into the outside world. A field trip, as it were. They find one of Crowley's ex-minions to help track down the Impala that Gadreel also took, because he's just a dang jerk, and are able to track down Gadreel after he's just killed his best bud. It's a good thing they have Castiel all angel-powered up now, or things would not be going so well for Dean in getting Sam back.

They take Gadreel to some dingy warehouse for Crowley to work his mojo on him. He pokes Sammy's head with some needle things and is able to access some of the angel code. Namely, they are able to figure out that he's Gadreel, which Castiel gets very upset about indeed, and would very much like to kill him and all that. But no, he's still in Sam's body. We can't have none of that. But apparently Gadreel is so used to being tortured that it's going to be very difficult to access Sam in this manner. The only way they can think of is to have someone else also possess Sam and find him inside his head.

While Dean wants Castiel to do this, as obviously he is the more trustworthy of the two gents, he, alas, cannot. Because angels need permission to possess and la di da. But Crowley, now Crowley doesn't need permission. So Dean must make another deal - if Crowley can get Sam out, then he's free to go. So, Crowley smokes out of his body and into Sam's.

Recap/review of Supernatural 9x10 'Road Trip' by freshfromthe.com
You have a little something there. Let me get it for you.
Enter Sam's brain. He's in a dream world where he thinks he's working on some ghoul case involving cheerleaders. Crowley shows up, and thanks to the secret code word from Dean, Poughkeepsie, he's able to convince Sam that things are not as they seem. Which is further evidenced by Gadreel showing up in his past possessed body and basically trying to beat them up a bunch. But Sam is strong enough and manages to take control.

So, Gadreel leaves his body and heads back to his previous one, that of Tahmoh Penikett for those that wanted to see more of him. Crowley also vacates the joint, just in time for Abaddon to catch up with him. Abaddon has some minion demons in tow with her as well, but they don't seem to be super attached to her as their leader. The battle for control over Hell commences now, I guess.

Then we have our final moment near the car. Sam is upset with Dean for lying to him again, because he was happy to die for the cause and yada yada. Dean is like, I'm poison so I'm going to go off on my own and kill Gadreel because everyone around me dies and boo hoo. Sam's like yeah you just go, just GO! Even though that's not the real problem here, just GO!

And Cas is left to look conflicted, as Cas is wont to do.

Random Thoughts:

- Have we seen Crowley's smoke before? I feel like maybe we have, but I forgot it was different and red. Kinda cool that he gets special smoke. Oh gosh, that sounds so ridiculous when you say it without context.

- You can be double possessed? Has that ever been a thing before? Hmm. I'm trying to think back and I'm not sure it was ever a thing before, but I could be wrong. Anyone remember?

- That little girl the angel bestie was holding was a bit creepy. Seriously, go back and watch her. She'll freak you out.

- I'm sure people are going to be quite upset that things between Sam and Dean are strained yet again, and that they are not hunting together, etc. and so forth. I'm sure it won't last long; it never does.

- I kind of would like to see Dean get into trouble like this sometime instead of it always being Sam who gets possessed and whatnot. I'm sure it's a conscious choice on the writers' part but it does start to become very samey.

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Dean: I ain't rubbing you.
Crowley: God, no.

Crowley: The poor giant baby is in trouble again, isn't he?

Castiel: I have a vehicle. It stopped four miles from here, inexplicably.
Dean, minutes later, like he was expecting it: Yeah. It's out of gas.

Crowley: Really? What are you, a pimp?
Castiel: I like it.

Crowley: Eat me.

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  1. Hey! Enjoyed your review ;)
    We saw Crowley's red smoke when he exited Kevin's mom in Season 8. I think that was the first and last time. There was a lot of speculation as to whether he was actually a leprechaun before then :D