Friday, February 6, 2015

King of the Nerds 3x03 "The Gods Are Angry"

What's the reward for stirring up drama in Nerdvana? Getting voted into the Nerd Off, duh. But before the Nerd Off, of course, there is the Nerd War. And what was the Nerd War all about this week? Well, loosely based on mythology, I guess, but that was more the Nerd Off portion than the war when you get down to it.

Recap/review of King of the Nerds 3x03 "The Gods are Angry" by freshfromthe.comBasically, the two teams had to build boats out of cardboard and get them across a pool of water. They only had two hours to construct these boats, and could only use cardboard, wood glue, and duct tape, pretty much. And this is where all of the drama began, really. House Hooloovoo basically told Todd straight up that if they didn't win this challenge, he would probably be next up in the Nerd Off. This admission sowed the seeds of rage inside poor Todd, who immediately started thinking that Lily was really the one who should go next, as she was spending more time flirting with Ben than actually helping with the boats. But, hey, it didn't matter at this point quite yet if they could at least win.

Team SMASH, meanwhile, were themselves getting annoyed with Ori, who, regrettably, was having a tough time figuring out how to make oars for their boats. Nonetheless, their team was a bit more civil to each other apart from that, and for Ori's part, he didn't seem all that fazed by some of the more heated things said to him in the moment.

At the Nerd War, the two teams had to designate one person to stay on shore, while the four other teammates paddled their two boats across a pool, picking up mathematics clues along the way, to then solve a puzzle on the other side, before then having to get their boats back across the pool. If their boats would sink, they would have to swim and drag it along with them. The two teams went a bit back and forth here, with Smash doing well at getting their boats in, but Hooloovoo doing well at getting to the end of the pool. In the end, however, it all came down to geometry problems, and Team SMASH was able to pull out the win thanks to a combination of Jonathan's mathematician brain and Colby's high school teacher Jeopardy brain.

Which left House Hooloovoo heading into the Nerd Off. Todd's team all decided that he would be the one they were voting in, and he got super pissed after he found out, saying that he believed Lily was really the weakest link. However, he wasn't calm and collected about it, instead opting for Hulk Rage and doing a lot of shouting, which only ostracized him more from the group, really.

Recap/review of King of the Nerds 3x03 "The Gods Are Angry" by freshfromthe.comSide note: he basically accused Lily of crying to get her way. I know some people probably see it that way, but I'm on Lily's side here. When someone is in your face like that, the gut response in some people is tears, whether you want them to come or not. Quite frankly, we would rather them not. And yes, I speak from experience.

Anyway! When it came time for the votes, it was no surprise to anyone that Todd was heading into the Nerd Off. The person the other team decided to send in against him was Kaitlin, as everyone views her as a very tough and smart competitor. The Nerd Off was all about Greek mythology, where whoever was able to match four mythical people with the object that pertained to each of their stories first being the winner. And honestly, it was almost sad to watch, as Todd just got straight trounced in this one. Usually there is a little bit of back and forth about who might win, but it became clear pretty quickly that it would take a lot here for that to be the case. So, Kaitlin takes down another competitor for the second week in a row.

Honestly, if Hooloovoo keeps losing, Smash will probably keep putting Kaitlin in to the battles, especially since she is not in the secret six alliance. But can she be stopped? Though we know if the teams get too one-sided the show will shake things up. Do you have any favorites to win so far?

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