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Supernatural 10x13 "Halt and Catch Fire"

Ahem. Well. I don't know about the rest of you, but this episode was not my favorite. In fact, it is probably my least favorite of the season so far. The idea of an internet ghost isn't necessarily a bad one, but I don't know, there was a lot of hokey going on. But a recap is what I do, so here we go...

Recap/review of Supernatural 10x13 'Halt and Catch Fire' by freshfromthe.comA guy and his girl are driving along, listening to their nav app Trini tell them how to get to Taco Town, only Trini is taking them some ass backwards way to get there, and when they call her on it, she tells the girl to get out of the car all menace-y. The girl obliges, only to have the car lock the dude inside and then drive him off a broken bridge. And smash to credits!

Meanwhile, Sam informs Dean that Cas is close to finding out something, maybe, that can lead them to Cain, or something. But Dean is more interested in working on this mysterious killer truck case, so they head off to the college town of Spencer, Iowa to do some digging. Turns out, the guy had a brother he didn't get along with who died in Afghanistan, and left that evil truck to him. So it must be the dead brother possessing the truck, right? Not sure why we didn't get a call back to the evil ghost truck from season one, but I digress.

Back at the school, it's time for the second killing, because that's just the timing of the show. A sorority girl gets strangled to death by her computer cord after being taunted by an online princesselsa8 telling her "810" and "I know" and "You'll pay." You know, typical things said by a Frozen fan. The roommate Delilah is supposedly shocked by this death, but clearly hiding something. Dun dun dun.

The boys are now off to investigate just what the whole 810 business means after Sam does some hacking into the dead girl's computer and discovers that weird chat. Turns out, it's an address. And across the street from that address, a woman is going to pick up a bunch of flowers left at a power line. Turns out, her husband Andrew was killed there in a car accident months ago. Do we have our pissed off spirit now? Yeah, probably. Because yet another college kid dies, this time after talking with Delilah in cryptic tones about coming clean and blah blah. I should say, Delilah wants to come clean while this douche just threatens her. Well, too bad for him, because he gets music-ed to death by his stereo. Gross.
Recap/review of Supernatural 10x13 'Halt and Catch Fire' by freshfromthe.com
Obviously, they know Delilah has something to do with Andrew's death, and it turns out that she and the other three already dead ran him off the road into a power line, then rather than calling for help when the power line came down and shocked him to death, they just drove off. Andrew is naturally pissed at his untimely death by some stupid college yahoos and is going for revenge. While Dean stays behind to protect Delilah, Sam goes to the power line to try to figure out how Andrew is doing the killing, and because I've already said it, I'll just repeat it - he's getting around in the wifi. Uh huh. Okay.

Sam goes to talk to the wife, who confesses that Andrew was actually talking to her online for a while and she didn't want him to go away so she didn't do anything about it. Meanwhile, Dean is fending off ghost Andrew, who is now attacking them. He tries to talk some sense into him about how revenge is not the way and blah blah, but it's only the wife who is able to make him stop and move on to a better afterlife.

In their patented brotherly Impala chat moment, Dean tells Sam that he doesn't want to look for a cure for the Mark anymore, that the way he can live with it is by continuing to hunt and save people, thereby assuaging the evil inside or something. Obviously that's going to last.

Random Thoughts:

- Love how the end of the episode Dean is talking about not looking for a cure, and in the preview for the next episode he's all up in Cain's business. That lasted long! Not that I'm upset. Because finally, Cain.

- I mean, am I crazy or was this episode just... not good? Honestly I don't think it's because ghosts are boring any more, the whole thing just felt a bit stilted. Even Dean getting excited about the college food and the college girls just didn't feel quite right. Which is a bummer because I quite liked last week's episode. I suppose there have to be clunkers every now and then.

- It's interesting, I've been going through a lot of my old posts to update some of the more technical stuff, and I remember so many more of the season five episodes that I was looking through than any of the following seasons (I only started recapping halfway through season five). Ah, the glory days.

- Do you ever have those moments where you're watching a show like this with someone who doesn't necessarily know it, and you're just rattling off explanations for things? Like "iron dissipates ghosts" and such? Always a good time.


Sam: What in the world?
Dean: A crossookie.
Sam: A crossookie?
Dean: Yeah they're the new cronuts.

Dean (checking out college girls): Sorry I ever made you leave.

Dean: I'm not gonna make it.

Dean: Oh yeah, sure Sammy. We'll just kill the internet. Wait, can we?

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