Friday, February 13, 2015

King of the Nerds 3x04 "Do They Choose Wisely... Or Poorly?"

Recap/review of King of the Nerds 3x04 "Do They Choose Wisely... Or Poorly?" by freshfromthe.comEach episode of King of the Nerds is a little bit bittersweet, I have to say. It's a competition show, yes, but also one of the only such shows where the contestants become actual friends. Or, at least, that's how it seems. Is it the magic of television? Hopefully not. Anyhow, it gets harder as it goes on because you get to know everyone a bit better. Like this week's ousted contestant, I was a little put off at first, but now not so much.

Anyway, let's get to the down and dirty into recap zone. This week's episode featured one of the more entertaining and fun challenges for the two groups - the Nerd anthem. Or song? Well you know what I mean. The two groups had to come up with their version of a Nerd Anthem, and would be judged on lyrics, choreography and overall performance. Team Smash went for a more rapping route, while House Hooloovoo went for a more pop diddy route.

To be honest, I enjoyed both of their songs quite a bit. The rapping had a lot of fun references while the pop diddy was very catchy. The guest judges this time around were all from the music industry - Travie McCoy, Lisa Loeb, and Moby. I'm not entirely sure how Travie McCoy fits in the nerd aesthetic, but okay? I suppose saying that at all is like a faux pas now? Ay. Anyway, Moby was definitely the most harsh on the two teams, though perhaps moreso to Team Smash, basically questioning whether Ori could actually speak Klingon and such. I mean, were they supposed to be 100% truthful in the lyrics? It's a song meant to encompass nerd culture, so...

But, in the end, Hooloovoo took home the crown thanks to their song being infinitely more catchy. Like, you could walk out of there humming it already. Which, of course, left Smash to head into the Nerd Off, to even things out between the two teams. Now, as you may recall, the secret six are comprised of Ben, Lily and Raychelle from Hooloovoo, and Heather, Amanda and Jonathan from Smash. So, for things to go according to plan for them, it would need to be Colby versus Ori in the Nerd Off. Did it go their way?

Recap/review of King of the Nerds 3x04 "Do They Choose Wisely... Or Poorly?" by freshfromthe.comWell, Kaitlin had other ideas. She's smelling something rotten in the state of Denmark, filled with a sneaking suspicion that Lily, Amanda and Ben are in a secret alliance. She goes to Jonathan to form her own alliance comprised of them plus Ori and Colby. Of course, Jonathan is already in the secret six, so now he's a bit of a double agent. But is now the right time to double cross his original alliance?

Nope. Hooloovoo votes in Colby while Smash votes in Ori. And what do they have to battle over in the Nerd Off? Arranging a bunch of legacy nerds in the order of their birth date. Well, I think we all know how this one ends. Colby is a reigning Jeopardy champion, after all. They do try to make it a bit of a contest by also featuring a physical Indiana Jones component, complete with sticking your hand in a cauldron of snakes, but in the end, Colby came out on top. Honestly, it would've been really surprising if he hadn't won that.

Which meant poor Ori had to go home, none the wiser that it was really only because of a secret alliance. If it hadn't been for that alliance, I feel like a lot more fingers would've been pointed at Heather for speaking back to Moby. So, it's time to say goodbye to awkward and endearing Ori.

How much longer can the secret six last? Jonathan seems ready to jump ship at any moment, as well he should as he and Raychelle would probably be the first two voted out by the rest of them. Also, Kaitlin is no dummy. She really should team up with Colby in some way if possible, because they both are pretty smart and good at the Nerd Offs. I think those three are my favorites right now, but who are yours?

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