Friday, August 14, 2015

Big Brother 17 - Seventh & Eighth Evictions

Well, tonight's double eviction was certainly crazy and fast-paced! And played extremely late here on the West Coast, not sure it was the same on the East Coast, but I can tell you right now I hate having to write this so late when I have work so early in the morning! Anyhow, that's neither here nor there.

Recap/review of Big Brother season 17 seventh & eighth evictions episode.This week, Becky took the HOH crown and decided she wanted to create some waves in the house by backdooring Vanessa. She ended up putting Shelli and Steve on the block, with the plan to take one of them off and put Vanessa up. Everything went according to plan for a while, since even though Vanessa was chosen to participate in the Veto competition, she pretty handily lost, with Steve winning and taking himself off the block.

That left the door open for Becky to put up Vanessa, and she did, much to Vanessa's surprise, though to no one else's. Here's where everything went wrong, though. I feel like we didn't really get to see everything that went down, but basically Vanessa talked to James and turned that side of the house around, convincing them to take out Shelli instead. The whole house followed suit, and the vote went down unanimously to oust Shelli. If they were smart, they would have taken Vanessa out, but apparently they don't see how much she manipulates everyone. Particularly with all the high-voiced whining and tears. But I digress.

Shelli was the first to head to the jury house, but she wasn't going to be there alone for long - duh. It's a double eviction. Straight into another HOH competition the house went. And I said to my boyfriend, this is Steve's time to win if he's going to. And what happened? Steve won. I was thinking he might put Becky up since he apparently hates her, but I feel like something else must have happened offscreen here at this point, where John, he and Becky got together to form an alliance or something, because he put up Meg and Jackie! What!

Recap/review of Big Brother season 17 seventh & eighth evictions episode.They were both pretty blindsided by his nominations, and to be honest I kind of was too. He's a bit of a mystery, that mumbles-to-himself Steve. That led straight into the next veto competition, which Johnny Mac ended up winning. He and Steve had a brief conference about what to do, which ended up in them not changing the nominations. In the end, the house voted out Jackie. Apparently Steve thought she had been gunning for him in the past, when really she had been gunning for Austin. Now just who put that idea in his head? Who knows. We do know that Liz apparently really doesn't like Jackie thanks to her kinda bitchy "I vote to evict Jackie" evil grin, but maybe we'll find out next week.

So, the first two members of the jury have been evicted, but as Julie has been hinting, at a certain point they will have a chance to get themselves back into the game, but that may not be for one or two more weeks. Honestly, I wish they had voted out Vanessa, because while I liked her in the beginning, she's really starting to get annoying now. I think I am on team John-Becky-Steve if they are actually a trio, with Julia in there as well. If only she could get her sister away from Austin, maybe Liz would be slightly smarter.

That's all for this week! Phew!

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