Thursday, August 20, 2015

Big Brother 17 - Ninth Eviction

After last week's double eviction, this week it was back to the regular drama. Liz took home the HOH crown in an emoji memory competition, putting her, Julia and Austin in power for the week. Notice I didn't say Vanessa, but she was there whispering in their ears throughout the week, of course. It's what she likes to do, constantly talk game. Of course, I don't watch the live feeds, so I'm not sure she is actually always talking game, but it does seem like it.

Anyhow, she decided to straight up confront Johnny Mac about his feelings toward her, and he was pretty much honest that when there was that whole blow up a week or so ago, he felt bullied by her. She took this as, like, some personal offense, and decided that she would spin it so that he seemed crazy when talking to the twins. Luckily, however, Becky went and spoke to them earlier about just what Vanessa says behind their backs, and how she is really only ever looking out for herself in the game, which at least planted a seed of doubt in their minds.

Recap/review of Big Brother - Ninth Eviction episode - by freshfromthe.comThe seed was not enough to keep Becky or Johnny Mac off the block, though. In an interesting twist, Johnny decided to make something of a deal with the twins and Austin to throw the Veto competition if they would keep him in the house. That sort of deal is always a bit of a tricky one because it can blow up in your face, but he went for it, throwing the Otev Veto competition. I just now noticed that Otev is Veto backwards, so there's your trivia duh of the week. Becky was trying her hardest to win, but in the end Liz maintained her hold on the power, and despite the rest of the house really wanting Vanessa out, she decided that it was best for her game to keep the nominations the same.

I can see where Liz is coming from, but keeping Vanessa for too long is dangerous. It gives her more opportunities to win competitions and keep herself safe. And she knows that when it comes down to it, she will be the first one to go in their foursome, so she will start working against them sooner than later in order to keep herself in the competition. It is probably better to get her out after the jury members have the chance to come back in the house, but still, it's tricky.

Anyhow, all of that basically sealed Becky's fate. Though she kept saying in her diary room sessions that she was going to fight to stay, I'm not sure there's really very much she could've done. Particularly when Johnny Mac and Steve have seemingly aligned themselves with the twins and Austin now as well. The votes came back unanimously to evict Basic Becky, but I am rooting for her to come back into the house next week.

The episode ended with the next HOH competition under way, but we won't find out until Sunday who has won (unless you watch the live feeds, I suppose!). I'd like to see Johnny Mac finally take home an HOH victory, but the only person I really don't want to see win is, of course, Vanessa. Yeesh.

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