Thursday, August 27, 2015

Big Brother 17 - Tenth Eviction

Well, for anyone hoping that the reign of Vanessa and the Austwins was over was surely unhappy with the way things went down this week. Certainly there was a lot of drama in the house, if somewhat manufactured drama. Because, yes, Austin won the HOH competition, keeping him and the twins in power for at least one more week.

They were a bit concerned about Vanessa and wondering if they should evict her, but, sadly, this did not happen. I'm sure Vanessa would start crying if she saw how many people get annoyed by her crying at feelings of betrayal, but there you have it. Anyway, Steve was very adamant that he did not want to go up on the block if it was going to be against Johnny Mac. Austin somewhat agreed to that, but in the end just put him and John up all the same. Because he made a "deal" with James that he would keep him and Meg safe for the week. Why, exactly? Who knows.
Johnny Mac in Big Brother 17 - not having it.
After a visit from the Zingbot, whose best zing was reminding Liz that Austin actually has (or had) a girlfriend at home when he came into the Big Brother house. Oh yeah, burn. The fact that he went after her even though he came in with a girlfriend is so sketchy. Ugh. Anyhow, when it came time for the veto competition, Meg, Julia, and Vanessa were chosen to compete alongside Austin and the two nominees of Steve and John.

In a competition they had last year as well, the houseguests had to figure out who was included in a mashup of three of their faces. Julia did pretty well in this, but in the end Vanessa kicked her butt and took home the prize. And this is where things started to get a bit crazy. She decided to go to John and ask if he wanted to work together. Seeing as he had no one else in the house to work with anymore, he was like sure! She then went to Austin to try to get him to let John off the block, but Austin was not into it.

Now even more up against the wall, John told Vanessa about the alliance between him, Steve, and the Austwins last week to evict her. She, of course, flipped out. She went straight to Liz and confronted her about it. Though she tried to deny it at first, Liz eventually owned up to it - or sort of did. She threw Steve under the bus, saying it was him who orchestrate the whole thing, which sent Vanessa on a rampage against Steve, who seemed bewildered by the whole ordeal.

So, Vanessa did NOT use the power of veto, which left Steve and John on the block. The only way John could get himself to stay was by getting Vanessa to sway the twins to his side, but it was to no avail. The house voted him out unanimously. But, after an entertaining exit interview with Julie, John, along with the other jury members - Shelli, Jackie, and Becky - were all given a chance to come back into the house.

Everyone headed out to the backyard for the next HOH competition, an endurance competition. Whoever stayed on the ropes the longest would win HOH, and whichever jury member held on the longest would come back into the house. If the jury member was also the last one on, they would win HOH too. The episode ended without showing the result. I may or may not have gone and checked who won, but I won't spoil it here for those that don't want to know. But - who from jury do you want to see back in the house?

A last aside about Vanessa - she can be super annoying, but you have to admire her game play sometimes. I think if her crying theatrics were all part of her plan, it might not be so annoying, but sheesh. So much crying. The thing is, she is kind of a lone wolf. Although she has an alliance with the Austwins, they will surely evict her before one of their own, so she knows she has to win when it comes time that some of them must go up on the block. It would be in her better interest to start dismantling them now, but who knows if she will. Anyway, those are some of my brief thoughts on that whole thing!

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