Thursday, September 3, 2015

Big Brother 17 - Tenth & Eleventh Evictions

Well, that was kind of an uneventful week, really. After Johnny Mac won his way back into the house during this week's HOH competition, and Vanessa won the HOH competition itself, I had a feeling I wasn't going to much enjoy the week. It just meant another week with Vanessa not even in contention to go up on the block, and it remaining unlikely that the Austwins would go home either.

Was I wrong? Alas, I was not. As we know, Vanessa has a deal with the Austwins in the Austin's Angels alliance, and if nothing else, she has definitely been very loyal to that group, despite being the last one on that totem pole. This week, however, she also made a side deal with Steve and Johnny Mac as a trio, to go up against the Austwins when the time comes. That left only two people on the outs with Vanessa - Meg and James.

Meg Maley on Big Brother 17
So, she put them up on the block pretty easily. Of course, Meg sucks at competitions, so there was little to no chance of her being pulled off the block, but James, on the other hand, is pretty good at competitions, so he at least had a chance of winning the Veto. Joining Meg, James, and Vanessa in said veto competition were none other than the Austwins, who all hoped to win and keep Vanessa's nominations the same. In the game of hide and seek, though, James ended up taking home the victory by hiding his veto card the best.

With James pulling himself off the block, that left Vanessa with a decision to make in who she would put up to replace him. Although she could have done anyone, her choices really came down to Julia or John. She wanted to put up Julia to ensure Meg would go home, but the twins would rather have her put up John to keep them safe. In the end, she made the more interesting decision and put up Julia.

And here's where the other houseguests just did the stupidest move. John, Steve, James, and Meg all spoke with each other about flipping the house and voting out Julia, to finally break apart the Austwins. It was a good idea, and a great chance at chipping apart that alliance. Did they do it? No. Sigh. Steve bowed down to Vanessa once again and decided to go with what he wanted her to vote - so it was goodbye to Meg.

James Huling on Big Brother 17But this week was a double eviction week. Surely that would mean things could be shaken up? Sigh again. Steve clearly threw the competition from the get go, and James lost pretty early on as well as Johnny, thus ensuring another reign of the Austwins. Liz was the one who took home the HOH crown, and that basically sealed James' fate.

Yes, he could have won the Veto competition and taken himself off the block, but he didn't. In fact, it almost seemed like he lost on purpose. Definitely Steve and John lost on purpose. Julia ended up winning something for once, and of course kept the nominations the same.

So it was goodbye to James, one of the last people who may have been able to win an HOH competition and take out the Austwins alliance. And here I sigh again. This is really now Vanessa's game to lose. If she makes it to the final two, it doesn't matter who is up against her, she will win. She's had her hand in more evictions than anyone else, and seems to be the only one even playing the game at this point. But her obstacle lies in the Austwins that she's been so loyal to. She seems determined to make it to the final five with them and Steve, but once it's to that point, what does she expect? They will fully support each other over her, which she has acknowledged herself many times.

At this point, the show is kind of boring. There haven't really been any surprises, and even though I like Johnny Mac as a person, I don't think he really deserves to win. At this point the only person who does is Vanessa. Sigh.

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