Thursday, September 10, 2015

Big Brother 17 - Twelfth Eviction

Well, the domination of the Austwins has come to an end. Although I'm not sure we can really say that they were actually dominating, or more riding on Vanessa's coattails throughout the competition. Or perhaps more like her puppets as she laughs from above, pulling their strings.

She did this particularly well in the Veto competition this week, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself. After last week's double eviction, it was time to crown a new HOH. The competition had the houseguests figuring out puzzles and putting faces of their fellow contestants together. Being good at puzzles worked in Steve's favor, as it came down to him and Johnny Mac to take home the prize. Which was a good thing for them, and for us the viewers, because things finally got shaken up in the house.

Steve knew he had to break up the Austwins despite being in the Scamper Squad with them, but wasn't sure which of the two to put up on the block first. In the end, he did the smart thing and put up Austin and Liz together, the reasoning behind this being that Julia was less likely to win the Veto competition than either of them. Because if she did win it, she would be able to take one of them off and keep herself safe as well.
Julia Nolan on Big Brother 17
The Veto competition was one we've seen before, where the houseguests have to spin around a bunch of times and then try to knock down some bowling pins. Liz went up against Steve first, and knocked him out. But next up was Julia, and this is where things went downhill for them. Vanessa whispered in her ear that she should pick Austin over anyone else to compete against, to beat him and ensure her own safety. But earlier, the Austwins had discussed both Austin and Liz throwing it to Julia so she could keep two of them safe. Julia decided to listen to Vanessa in the situation, though, and took on Austin instead of Johnny Mac or Vanessa herself.

Thus ensued the rage of Austin, who thought maybe the entire house was working against him, including the twins. He beat Julia, then after Liz lost to Johnny Mac, defeated both Vanessa and Johnny Mac, taking home the Veto victory. But Liz didn't like his over the top reaction to winning, and their whole relationship took a downspiral. At one point it seemed like it may actually be the end of Austin and Liz as a couple, but after she calmed down a bit, she made up with him. Sigh.

Though Liz was hoping he might be her knight in shining armor, in the end Austin decided to use the veto on himself, which meant Steve then had to replace that nomination, which he did with Julia, meaning one of the twins was going to be evicted. Both twins thought the other should stay, but in the end decided Liz was more likely to be able to win the whole thing than Julia, so Austin and Liz went to Vanessa to get her on their side to keep Liz.

Now this may be where Vanessa began her own downfall, because she decided to go forward with keeping Liz and getting rid of Julia. Liz, who has won multiple HOHs and now is pissed that her sister is gone. Okay. Sure. Get rid of the pawn instead of the player. I don't know if that was the best plan, but it will hopefully make for more interesting television. Because, yes, Julia did end up being the one evicted, leaving Liz in the house to try to exact revenge.

The next HOH competition was still in progress as the episode ended. The interminable egg competition is probably really annoying for the HGs and just plain boring for the audience to watch, so we'll find out on Sunday (unless you watch the live feeds) who ends up winning. Next week is also a week of change ups, with a special eviction episode happening on Tuesday, then another eviction happening on Wednesday. Guess I'll be doing some extra recaps next week!

As I've been saying, if Vanessa makes it to the final two, she has it in the bag. The jury already sees how much influence she has in the house. The only chance the others have of winning is by taking her out, but they never seem to have the cojones to do so. Will they this week? We'll just have to wait and see.

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