Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Big Brother 17 - Thirteenth Eviction

Well, the showmance is officially over. At least in the Big Brother house. Tonight's eviction was a blindside to the houseguests, who weren't expecting it to happen for at least another day or two. But come on, Julie loves to tell you to expect the unexpected, people.

Anyhow, after Julie told everyone that the eviction would be happening tonight, the show rewound to show us what happened leading up to tonight. As you may recall, on Sunday we were left wondering who won the HOH competition, but in the end it was everyone's favorite crying villain Vanessa who managed to get all of her eggs across the chicken wire. She then found herself in a conundrum - does she try to take out the showmance, or Johnny Mac? She had a whole convoluted reason why it would be best to take out John, so she put up Steve and John on the block.

Austin Matelson on Big Brother 17John harbored ideas of throwing the veto competition to Liz and Austin (who promptly told Vanessa about these ideas), but did he follow through when it came down to it? The veto competition was another puzzler, but this time involving magnets, a balance beam, and a timer. Vanessa dropped out of the comp pretty much immediately, which left it up to the two duos to battle it out. John did seem to be planning to throw it to Austin and Liz if they could win before Steve, but when he sees Steve is close to winning, he decides no, he needs to win it for himself. And win it he does.

The real question - how many competitions would John have won if he wasn't throwing or semi-throwing them half the time? He's the only one who hasn't won an HOH yet. Anyway. He did win the Veto. Which meant Vanessa had to put up another houseguest as a nominee, which she again cried about. In the end, she put up Austin because she didn't want to put up Liz the week after Julia went home.

Johnny played squirrelly again, telling Austin and Liz that he just might vote to keep them in the competition rather than Steve. To anyone besides Austin and Liz, this sounds like a completely stupid plan. Luckily he went and talked to Vanessa, who shook with him that he, Steve and her would go to the final three together. He did contemplate not doing that, but it would've been stupid on his part.

When it came time to vote, Liz voted to keep Austin while John voted to keep Steve, which left the tiebreaker up to Vanessa. And she sided with Steve and John, voting out Austin. Austin seemed completely blindsided by the whole thing, and proceeded to yell at Vanessa that she would never get the jury votes to win. Um, dude? Have you been watching the same game? If she makes it to the final two, I don't see any way she doesn't win. She's had more control in the house than anyone, and has won more competitions than anyone too, I'm pretty sure. Just keep saying that, Judas. Sure.

Then it was straight into another HOH competition. Vanessa, of course, not eligible to compete. It came down to a tiebreaker between Steve and John, with Steve ultimately winning, even though honestly I feel it should've been John because his number was actually a lot closer to the number they were going for, but whatever. Now it's just a question if Steve will decide to really try to get the biggest player out of the competition. It would be in his best interest to do so at this point, as he would probably win over either of the other two, but not Vanessa.

But will he go against her? He does admire her game play, so he should know he should take her out. But does he have the balls to do it? I guess we'll find out tomorrow, when there's another eviction!

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