Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Supernatural 11x05 "Thin Lizzie"

I have to say, after last week's stellar episode, this one was kind of meh. Though it did turn the old standard format they used to use a lot back in the day around a bit, it still felt a bit like a filler episode. But let's get on to the recap in earnest...
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 11x05 "Thin Lizzie"
After a couple is killed in the Lizzie Borden B&B (is that an actual thing?), Sam is all riled up that they might have a serial killer ghost on their hands. Because, you know, he has some fascination with serial killers. Anyway, he convinces Dean to check it out, and the place turns out to be a big old hoax - speakers in the walls, an emf generator in the attic, and a device to make the lights flicker every now and then. No case after all!

Or IS there?! Because, yes, in classic form, someone else is killed right after they decide that there might not be a case. The owner of the inn gets axed as well, but not just her - another guy across town was killed with an axe as well. What does it all mean? Dean goes to check out the creepster guy who he saw trying to take a photo at the B&B the previous night, while Sam goes to check out the new dead guy.

Dean meets Len, something of a Lizzie Borden fanatic. He seems pretty harmless at first, that is until Dean spots a drawing of the Mark in his house. What? How could he know about the Mark? Turns out, when he was at the Borden B&B some nights earlier, young tween Amara was there, and she decided to take a suck on his soul. I admit, when I first saw the glowy soul coming out, I thought it was an angel grace, then I was like oh wait no, that must be his soul. Anywho, yes, Len is without a soul. But he hasn't killed anyone yet.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 11x05 "Thin Lizzie"
Sam thinks perhaps it could be the dead guy's wife that did the killing, as she seemed fairly soulless as well. He gets some intel from the babysitter that she was schtupping another guy on the side, so they go to see if she's hiding out there. Well, she is there, but not so much hiding out as lying dead with her lover in the basement. Low and behold, it was not her that did the killing, but rather the dastardly babysitter, who had her own run in with Amara, who first gave her an overwhelming sense of bliss before taking her soul.

She gets Sam and Dean all tied up and starts monologueing about how Amara is so amazing and whatnot, which inevitably leads to Sam breaking free of his binds, which leads to her trying to shoot him, which leads to Len stabbing her in the back with her favorite axe friend. Because he decided to break off his thumb to get free of the handcuffs Dean had shackled him to the Impala with. Because he just wanted to see if he could. Uh oh.

Rather than let himself become a killer again, Len decides the best thing to do (other than have Dean kill him) is turn himself in for all of the murders so he will be locked away and unable to do any more killing. Which leaves the boys to wonder yet again what Amara's plan is and how they're going to find her. Of course, she's just hanging out in the bushes watching them and swooning over Dean. I mean, who can blame her on that count.

Random Thoughts:

- Amara is slowly growing up each episode, but still not clear on what she wants, other than to not be compared to an angel. What happens to all of the souls she's consumed if she dies? Are they gone forever, or is there a chance for them to go back to their owners?

- Len was a fun character, kind of shame that he lost his soul. But it was interesting to see his reaction to it be different than just going straight to killing.

- I did like that they turned the regular ghost hunt into something connected to the larger mystery of the show, but they kind of gave it away in the previously thing shown at the beginning of the episode. I should just know never to watch that if I don't want to be able to somewhat figure out the episode before it even begins.

- How much time is supposed to have passed since the last episode? The Impala was pretty smashed up, and now it was good as new. Oookay.


Dean: Working with family can be tough.

Dean: Bottled toilet water? Why do you keep spraying it?
Sam: Just wanted to see if the...squeezy thing worked.

Len: I'm like a robot puppet man.

Len: I picked up my thumb like it was a mini hot dog.
Dean: I'm not gonna lie, that's worrisome.

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  1. Excellent review. This episode bored me rigid. I almost turned it off at the ten minute mark, since I DVR. But instead I watched it. It's in such a rut. "Baby" only served to highlight that.

    As for the different soulless reactions: they had Sam. Then they had the nun (and many others apparently, who went into the Black Hole of Please-Forget-We-Did-That) gather up souls and people became evil. This episode attempted to tie the two together without making much sense. It was a good try, but what about other people Amara has munched on? What happened to the "army of souls" Abbadon was putting together? The best way to watch this show is with no memory. I feel sorry for the writers, they have to patch up some many holes.

    I don't care about Amara. I love Metatron. Does that make me a freak of nature?

    1. Ha I don't know many people who are big fans of metatron! For me he's okay in small doses but can be a bit annoying with too much focus.

      But yeah I agree this one was boring. Wish they could make the show on a cable-type schedule, where they don't have to include all the filler episodes.

  2. Yeah, this episode wasn't all that great I was kind of hoping that it really was Lizzie's ghost, not Amara making a soulless killer. I miss monster of the week episodes, those stand-alones that harken back to the first couple of seasons. As for the B&B, yes, it is a real thing.

    1. Yeah I was kind of hoping it would be a regular ghost thing with some unexpected twists, but eh.

      I was thinking it might be real but was struck by laziness and didn't want to look it up, haha. Thanks for the links!