Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Supernatural 11x07 "Plush"

Should I get the brief overall plot arc bits that were in this episode over with here at the top? Sure! Sam is still praying for guidance, which Dean thinks is a waste. But he finally tells him why he doesn't understand what he's seen so far - the cage. What could it mean? Dean basically shuts him down and says they're not revisiting that. Which, of course, means they are, sometime this season...

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchesters in Supernatural 11x07 "Plush"Meanwhile, the episode's plot at hand! Some dude in a bunny mask kills another dude in Minnesota, and Sheriff Donna happens to be on the case. When they can't get the bunny head off, she calls in the Winchesters, thinking perhaps this case was a little more than natural. They're not sure if it is, but are definitely sure that it's super creepy. Donna's coworker Doug (no, not her ex, a new Doug), ends up shooting the guy after he attacks Donna, and it turns out to be some young college kid, which is a bit odd.

Oh well, they burn the bunny head. That must be the end of it, right? Of course not. Another masked assailant attacks someone else. After the brothers do some EMF testing, they realize that it's not a cursed object, but rather a ghost possession. They shoot some salt into the killer jester, and the ghost vacates the premises. Turns out, the ghost is actually inhabiting the masks, as his body was cremated. Always so unhelpful for the boys when they're dealing with a cremated ghost issue.

Nonetheless, they go to talk to the ghost's sister to find out more - she got rid of all of his old costumes after he killed himself a couple months before. So, they've got to round up all of the costumes. While Donna and Doug work on that, Sam heads to the hospital to check on one of the victims, only to run into another masked murderer, this time in the form of his favorite thing, a clown. And a rather creepy clown at that. He manages to stick some iron on the guy, which vacates the ghost again.

Briana Buckmaster as Donna Hanscum in Supernatural 11x07 "Plush"Meanwhile, Dean is trying to figure out why ghost Chester is so vengeance-full. Turns out, he had been accused of being, ahem, inappropriate with some of the children he had performed for, including the children of the two men killed earlier in the episode. Connection? I think so. They think perhaps Chester's sister wasn't quite telling the whole truth about his suicide, and go to confront her. Turns out, no, he was killed by those two guys, even if somewhat accidentally.

Of course, his nephew ends up putting on the last mask they didn't manage to find and starts attacking his mom for her involvement. The boys manage to get the mask off the kid, Sam burns it just before the ghost manages to choke Dean out. All's well that ends well, or something.

Random Thoughts:

- I always enjoy having Donna around. She brings a nice levity to the proceedings, no matter how creepy. Her developing relationship with new Doug was fun, and I enjoyed all of her feminist comments as well. Gotta love Donna. Especially when she got all excited when the boys called her a bonafide hunter.

- What exactly do Sam's visions mean? It seems like maybe either Lucifer or Michael will know something about how to defeat the Darkness, maybe? Otherwise it doesn't make much sense.

- The whole God/Darkness brother/sister thing is still a bit hokey to me, but whatever.

- Dean seems a little too skeptical sometimes. I mean, after everything that's happened to them, why wouldn't he think those visions might mean something that could possibly help them? Or is it his affinity for Amara talking?

- The kid who played Max looked really familiar. Ah ha, just looked it up, and he plays young Barry on The Flash. I knew he was familiar!


Donna: When you get a call about a killer Easter Bunny, you don't know what to think.

Donna: I was born at night, Dean, not last night.

Donna: I won't be once bitten, twice Douged.

Dean: What's up, Doc?

Sam: Let me guess, Rog, you were framed...

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