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Supernatural 11x09 "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer in Supernatural 11x09 "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"I don't know about you, but that was a bit of an anticlimactic fall finale. A lot of talk, not a whole lot of action. Yes, a cliffhanger, but kind of an annoying one. I might rant a bit about that in the random thoughts section so I don't get too off topic here.

After last week's digression into the world of the imaginary, we're back to the main arc of the season - the fight against the darkness that is Amara. Sam is convinced that he needs to talk to Lucifer down in the cage to figure out how to defeat her, because of his visions from GAHHG. Dean is not so keen on this plan, but doesn't know quite what else to do, so he agrees to go along with it.

They meet up with Crowley to figure out if it's possible for Sam to meet up with Lucifer without releasing him from the cage. The only way to do so is by using the Book of the Damned, which of course Rowena has stashed away somewhere.Which means finding her and convincing her to help them out. And by convince I guess I mean threatening to kill her if she doesn't comply. Though I'm not sure her whole act of defiance was so real and true, if you get my drift. I'll expand on that below as well.

Meanwhile, Amara has grown to her adult stage, and is trying to get her bro GAHHG to speak to her. Which means she kills some people in a church, you know, to see if it will draw his attention. It doesn't. While Sam holes up with Rowena decoding the Book, Dean goes to check out the church, and gets whisked away by Amara to have a little chat.

They talk about, you know, their issues. Or rather, Amara's issues. Like, she basically wants to take over the world, and that's not such a bad thing, because really everyone has her all wrong, she's just a good an option as GAHHG. Only, it sounds like she kinda wants to bring about the end of the world or something, so maybe not? Dean tries to stab her, but the knife just breaks. Some angels show up to try to stop her, and she kills them easily, then sends Dean back off somewhere when the sky opens up and appears to throw lightning down on her, or something.

While they're talking it up, Rowena figures out the way to talk to Lucifer while still keeping him locked up with some spell. Sam tries to call Dean to let him know, but can't get through. So, he goes off with Crowley and Rowena to do it on his own. Never a good idea, duh. Nonetheless, Rowena performs a spell, and Lucifer appears. He and Sam talk and talk, and talk some more. Basically, the only way he'll agree to help get rid of Amara like he did before is if Sam agrees to be his vessel again back on Earth. Sam, of course, is not so hot on that idea.

But then, the sigils on the cell start to disappear; Rowena doesn't seem so surprised, but Sam is. He suddenly finds himself inside the cage with ole Luci, who admits that it hasn't been GAHHG at all that's been sending Sam the visions, but rather Lucifer himself who has been able to get these missives out thanks to some cracks in the cage made when Amara was released. Sam is trapped in Hell.... and that's all she wrote for over a month! Okay then!

Random Thoughts:

- It bothers me, all these mentions of the cage, and even showing Lucifer in the cage, and no mention is made of trying to get Michael or Adam out of it at the same time they're doing this spell. Sure, bigger fish to fry, but do they even think about it? Not even mentioned a tiny bit. Not even Rowena saying, oh, there are three things in that cage, I'll have to be specific about who I'm bringing to this meeting, or something?

- Lucifer's glowing eyes when he appeared were pretty cool, I must admit.

- It seems like Rowena was planning some kind of double cross against Sam, no? She wasn't surprised when the thing started failing, and dare I say, seemed happy about it? Maybe Lucifer has been sending her wee messages as well?

- Obviously they won't be keeping Sam in that cage for long. I wager it won't even be an episode once it comes back, but who knows. Maybe they'll surprise me and throw in some Michael and Adam action and be really crazy.

- I did appreciate Sam's one manly tear as he realized what really had happened. Nice job to Jared.

- Where the heck was Castiel? There were other angels mucking about, but not even a mention of Cas.

- This whole episode was a lot of talk and "revelations." Blah blah blah.


Dean: You were in the forest. There are bushes there, and sometimes they burn!

Amara: Wait so, only dead people see Him? And this makes sense, to billions of you...

Priest: God is the light. And it is the light that vanquishes the darkness.

Rowena: I promised Lincoln a fun night at the theater. Things change.

Lucifer: Sam Winchester. My old roomie.

Rowena: He's so alpha, isn't he? Probably not relationship material, though.
Crowley: Mother, you're drooling. Get a hold of yourself.

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