Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Supernatural 11x14 "The Vessel"

As far as the time travel episodes of Supernatural go, this one was...not my favorite. I mean, it was okay, but when you think back to when Dean first traveled back and met his young mom and dad, well, this one just can't compete. This time around, it's all about the Nazis again. I know there have been Nazis in at least one other episode.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Misha Collins as Castiel/Lucifer in Supernatural 11x14 "The Vessel"Anyway, why Nazis, you wonder? Well, it turns out they found a Hand of God. No, not the Hand of God, or should I saw GAHHG, but a piece of one of the ancient things he blessed, or something. Only the last time anyone every heard of it, it was on a submarine that was sunk and never found during WWII. Well, that's a bitch.

Or is it? Dean has the bright idea of time travel, even though Sam rightly points out that Cas can't do that anymore. Of course, Casifer is a lot more powerful than Castiel. Casifer has taken up residence in Crowley's old joint, and the demons seem to be much happier to rally around him than their old master. Only he's not so happy about his current predicament - he wasn't able to bring Amara down alone the last time around, it was more of a team effort. Well, good thing the Winchesters call him up with this whole Hand of God business!

Sam, per usual, gets stuck in the present day, this time the reasoning being that Dean is more expendable than he is for this battle. Casifer is all "I'll watch over him, cackle cackle," but turns out the sub has been warded against supernatural beings, including the powerful archangel, so while he is able to get Dean on the ship, he is stuck in the present with Sam. He does find out all sorts of useful information, though, like a certain spell that requires said archangel powers and can get rid of sigils, or something. But in the end, he reveals himself to Sam after Sam says he can touch his soul for extra power. Aw, Sam, trying to be noble always biting you in the butt. At least that gets Castiel to resurface for a moment and tell Sam what happened.
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Weronika Rosati as Delphine Seydoux in Supernatural 11x14 "The Vessel"
But, back in the submarine, Dean finds the French woman who has the special weapon on board. Long story short, they chat for a bit, he tells her that they're going to be shot by a German ship, and that they need to get rid of the wards for his angel to get him home. Problem is, the last ward is on her body, and the only way to get rid of it is to kill her. The German ship arrives just at this moment to start depth charging them and demanding the weapon, so Dauphine takes it upon herself to use the weapon to get rid of the wards and free Casifer to rescue Dean just before she basically explodes the submarine and kills the German ship above.

Casifer brings Dean back home, and Sam spills the beans about his inhabitant. Casifer is ready to take the weapon and kill the boys, but turns out the Hand was only good for a one time use, so it's dead. Sam is able to do that angel-expelling sigil on the wall and get rid of Casifer before he can kill them. But now can they really go back to the bunker anymore? I guess they can sigil it up, too.

Random Thoughts:

- The ending with Dean near tears seemed a little bit dramatic to me. He was with those people for like an hour? At least that's what it seemed like. It didn't strike me as such a touching experience, but whatever.

- At least they didn't drag it out any longer for Casifer hiding who he really is from the boys. While it was fun for a while, it would definitely get old quickly as he would be able to get so much information from them.

- My guess is they're going to find some other Hands of GAHHG somewhere and use them to defeat Amara, or use Casifer to defeat Amara. Whether they actually save Castiel in the process remains to be seen. I could see them finally killing him off, but then everyone loves Castiel so I don't know if they'd have the balls to actually do it. Not that anyone really stays dead forever on this show anyway, even when they should.


Dean: How is this more important than our coffee situation?

Sam: Be safe.
Dean: When am I not?

Casifer: Hello Castiel.

Casifer: This whole deep cover thing, it wasn't terribly well thought out.

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