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Supernatural 11x23 "Alpha and Omega"

I suppose I was sort of right last week when I said they were going to do a slightly more subdued season finale in comparison to the episode leading up to it. Though this episode had action, it was much more about the power of words than straight up physical fisticuffs. Did I like it? Hmm. I'm not sure. But let's back up and go over what happened first, shall we?
Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, in Supernatural 11x23 "Alpha and Omega"
Last time, the group came together to try to take down Amara, but she was like psha and hit Chuck with some killing blow thing that has resulted in the sun starting to dim. You know, because the light is going out of the universe. Sam is gung ho about finding another way to fix things, but everyone else is ready to throw in the towel. But this is Supernatural, so there's no throwing in the towel.

They can't cage Amara anymore, that won't do. The only thing left is to kill her. The only way to kill her is with a preponderance of light - basically the power of 10,000 suns or thereabouts. Well, ole GAHHG isn't quite feeling up to that task at the moment, but Cas does have a novel idea - what about souls? They're basically made of light, etc. But where to get such a hefty amount of souls?

Sam and Dean round some up at a nearby asylum that they've just ignored until now for reasons unknown. Though a couple dozen in comparison to the thousands needed seems rather paltry, but whatevs. Crowley isn't really able to get any demon souls because of Hell shenanigans, and Cas can't rally the angels because they're just ready to die with dignity. But luckily, our reaper friend Billie happened to be spying on the Winchesters, and she's down to corral some souls for the big Amara-killing bomb. Thing is, they need someone to get it close to her. So, like duh, they're going to send in Dean. With the souls inside of him. Therefore, yet another silly goodbye scene that we all know isn't going to amount to a real death for a Winchester, but whatever.

While the others visit a bar to wait out their time, Dean tries to talk some sense into Amara after she tells him she's not an idiot and can see all the souls inside of him. But, she's had a realization. She never really wanted to destroy all of the beautiful stuff her brother created, she was just jealous. You know how little kids get when they see their sibling doing something cool that they weren't part of. Smash boom! She spirits her brother over and they reconcile, aw shucks. So, rather than everything going kaput by the complete lack of darkness and light, they're going to go off together to dance in the cosmos and relish in their powers, or something. But not before Amara tells Dean she's going to give him what he's always wanted. Now what could that be?
Emily Swallow as Amara, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 11x23 "Alpha and Omega"
Meanwhile, in England, some lady is given a lot of screentime. She has a secret timeline and map and all kinds of stalkery things about the Winchesters, and appears to be heading off to Kansas to find them. Which, well, she finds Sam and Cas, there at the end. They think Dean has died, the jokers. She angel sigils Cas away, and basically tells Sam that the Men of Letters, London Chapter, are quite upset at what they've been up to, and they want to bring him in. We're supposed to think she's shot him, but they don't actually show it, so... sure.

Which leaves the final scene with Dean, getting what he's always wanted. A quick aside here, my boyfriend piped up in the background when Amara said that, "What, they're going to bring the dad back?" And I thought to myself, no, it wouldn't be the dad. It would be... the mom! Well, duh, they only visited her grave a few minutes ago in the episode too. That's right, Mary Winchester is back. Dun dun dun!

Random Thoughts:

- It was painfully obvious they were setting up that girl to be some kind of antagonist for next season. Man oh man. I'm not sure how the Men of Letters are going to be the "big bad" of next season, but maybe they'll try something new on the show and not go for the whole big bad scenario quite as gung ho.

- It was neither confirmed nor denied whether Lucifer was dead or alive. So he's probably alive somewhere, all incorporeal and whatnot.

- They definitely left the door open for Chuck and/or Amara to make a reappearance at some point. I mean, really, they couldn't have killed them with the whole balance scenario they had set up, because it wouldn't have made sense for the world to keep on ticking if they were both gone either.

- What does it mean for Mary to be back? That's way more interesting than the Men of Letters crappola. What will she think of what's happened? We've never really seen their dynamic other than in dream sequences or with young Mary, so hey, this is one return from the death I'm not as crazy annoyed by.

- That's all she wrote for season 11. My goodness. I can't believe how long this show has been on!


Chuck: You know how when you're driving, and a bug hits your windshield? I'm the bug.

Rowena: So that was a gun in your pocket.

Chuck: I didn't know dogs had breakfast.
Dean: Cas is back.

Dean: No chick flick moments, come on.
Sam: Yeah, you love chick flicks.
Dean: You're right, I do.

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