Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Supernatural 11x22 "We Happy Few"

Well, that was a little... anti-climactic. Funny, I was thinking to myself, they're going to do this big battle against Amara, what does that leave for the final episode? Are they going Buffy on us and doing something off beat? Not quite, not quite. But let's get to that in a sec.

Recap/review of Supernatural 11x22 "We Happy Few" by, after last week, Lucifer is hanging out in the bunker, none too happy with Chuck aka his dad. He just wants an apology for being thrown into Hell. You know, nothing big. But Chuck doesn't want to go there, insisting he did the right thing, what he had to do. Luckily, the Winchesters are there to help mediate the situation. Or, sort of. Dean basically says that apologies don't have to actually mean anything, but of course that's the whole point. Lucifer wants to feel like his dad felt remorse for what happened. In the end, Chuck does admit to that, and that Lucifer was his favorite, when he wasn't supposed to have favorites.

What does that mean for the fight to come? Well, it wasn't just Lucifer on Team God back in the old days - it was also all of the other Archangels, but they are currently either dead or stuck down in a Hell cage, and it would take too long for him to bring them back. That leaves a backup plan - to get help from various factions - the demons, the angels, and the witches. Dean heads off to convince Crowley, while Lucifer, with a tagteam from Castiel, recruits the angels, leaving Sam to work on Rowena and her witch friend(s).

Of course, in the end everyone comes together. Their plan - lure Amara into a trap. So they do. Rowena, with the help of some witches, blasts Amara with a spell. The angels blast down from Heaven with their white light power, and then the demons join in with their black smoke to weaken her. Which, they do. That leaves Lucifer to stab her with, I'm assuming, a magical blade of some sort. Now it's GAHHG's turn, right? He's going to kill her, right?
Recap/review of Supernatural 11x22 "We Happy Few" by
Well, no. You see, ole Chuck doesn't want to kill her. He wants to trap her back in the box. There's a whole speech about yin and yang and how they have to both exist for the balance of the world. Dean is rather unconvinced of that truth, and would rather they just kill her, but that has to do with his weird bond, blah blah who cares. But, in order to trap her again, they have to transfer the Mark of Cain as a sort of seal. Sam agrees to take it, even though that seems stupid because obviously they'd just end up back where they started if they removed it again. But it doesn't really matter, because as soon as Amara can sense that her bro is trying to trap her again, even after he apologizes to her and all, she gets super mad and blasts him with her dark powers. But first she kills Lucifer. Forgot to mention that bit. At least, it seems like she kills him, right? Castiel? We'll find out next week, I'm sure.

Which basically leaves Chuck slowly dying, so she can destroy his world while he's still alive to watch it disappear. So, Darkness still not defeated. Ba dum bum.

Random Thoughts:

- That music at the very end felt weird and long and just overall strange. That was a drawn out beat if ever I saw one.

- It seems like we're heading to an end game of Amara and Chuck dying together and canceling each other out. What that means for the world, who knows?

- The preview for next week kind of confirmed it, but it seems also like Dean is going to be the key somehow to getting Amara to stop, thanks to their weirdo bond. After all, she did look wistful when she saw that photo of little Dean with Mary.

- Only one more week left this season. What are your hopes for next season?


Chuck: Kids, huh?

Dean: Worst episode of Full House ever.

Sam: We all know that you are...God. Can you be a little less... Lordly?
Chuck: But... I am the Lord.

Dean: You smell like a dumpster inside a liquor bar.

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