Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Supernatural: Top 5 Season Eleven Episodes

Did you know the summer is nearly over? Where in the world has it gone? Time just seems to be moving faster and faster lately. Except when you’re watching the Olympics and want a certain even to just be on already and for them to quit with the teasing, then it does move at a molasses-like pace.

But I digress. The end of the summer means the return of fall TV. Of course, the CW likes to hold off their shows until October, with Supernatural being no exception. What else does the CW like to do when it comes to Supernatural? Move it to another night! That’s right, Supes will be back on Thursdays this upcoming season, starting October 13.

I gotta be honest, I think about quitting every season. It’s not the same show it used to be for me, and I feel like I make fun of it more than I enjoy it anymore, which is sad. But I guess if people enjoy my somewhat snarky take, then I will soldier on.

Before we get to season 12, though, let’s take a quick look back at the top episodes of this past season – season 11. I will say season 11 was one of the better ones of the back half of the series, so it was somewhat harder to pick the best episodes than it has been. Well, except for #1, because we all know what #1 is before I even get to it. 

Each title is a link to a scene from the episode.

Supernatural 11x16 "Safe House"
I was skeptical of this episode at first, as I am any revisiting of certain dead characters. But thankfully this was more of a flashback episode than a resurrection one. It was paced well and did a good job jumping between the present day and the past, and tying it all together. Enjoyable.

Supernatural 11x17 "Red Meat"

Though I mentioned above that season 11 was a better season overall than some of the others, that doesn’t mean I really enjoyed the main mytharc of the season. Rather, I enjoyed the standalone episodes quite a lot more, which is a huge turnaround from the first seasons. This was one such standalone, which stood out because of the way it messed with the normal Supernatural episode format.

Supernatural 11x12 "Don't You Forget About Me"

I will always love Jody, and this episode featuring her and the two girls dealing with some teenage angst amid supernatural drama was a hit to me. I feel like some people don’t agree as much when it comes to this episode, but whatever, this is my list and I can say what I want! I just hope they don’t ever decide to kill Jody or Donna because they are seriously some of the only women to survive on this show.

Supernatural 11x20 "Don't Call Me Shurley"

Oh man. I have never been a proponent of Chuck as GAHHG, but whatever, it happened. And this episode made me like it much more than I thought I would. The way it was structured was great, and that song at the end? Awesome.

Supernatural 11x04 "Baby"

I mean, come on. You knew this was going to be the top episode of the season. The Impala has been as much a part of the family as Sam and Dean, so having this episode as sort of from the POV from the Impala herself was great. Not to mention the brotherly heart-to-hearts that felt truer than a lot of them have lately, just because of exhausting the same stuff over and over again. Anyway, yes, top episode of season 11, and will probably make it into the top 20 at least of the entire series.

Worst Episode of the Season: Beyond the Mat

That’s it for now! Are you looking forward to season 12 and the return of Mary, or are you as burnt out on this show as I am, that at this point it’s like, meh? And what were YOUR favorite episodes of season 11? Let me know in the comments!

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