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Supernatural 12x15 "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell"

Last week, Sam decided to start working with the BMOL, despite Dean's many reservations. Oh wait, he hasn't yet told Dean that he's partnering up with them, so all of these cases they've been working back to back are from his secret computer algorithm. You know, the one that texts him under the name Frodo. Luckily for Sam, he can just start spouting some techie talk and Dean zones out completely, so he doesn't really ask questions.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 12x15 "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell"
Said case of the week involves a kid who was killed while on a camping trip with his girlfriend. What killed him? Well, the case this week isn't so much about what this week, because it was a hellhound, plain and simple. But why is it out attacking random people who haven't sold their souls? That's the real question. And the only one who can answer that is...

Crowley! Who's still holed up with Lucifer, now boasting about how he is always ten steps ahead of whatever Luci thinks he has cooked up his sleeve. We're made to believe that some of Crowley's subdemons get the best of him, stealing the key to Lucifer's chains while Crowley is distracted by the call from the Winchesters, and subsequent visit to help them wrangle the hellhound. But, it would seem he knew all along that those subdemons actually released said hellhound in order to distract him so they could free Lucifer. Which they do, after making him "agree" to some terms, which my boyfriend said while half-watching it with me, "you know he's just going to kill them as soon as they let him go." And... yep! Poof!

Meanwhile, Crowley informs them that the hellhound on the loose is Ramsey, none other than, like, the oldest and baddest of the hellhounds who will only listen to Lucifer. Now, you may think that would mean Lucifer would come into play somehow here, but you'd be wrong. Seems an odd missed opportunity, but okay. Basically, they split up, the hellhound goes after Sam and the girl, and he manages to kill it, I should say, pretty easily. So, farewell to the boss bitch hellhound.

Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer in Supernatural 12x15 "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell"Crowley heads back to his lair, where Lucifer is all ready to gloat. He gets to it, going all angel-wingy, red eyes and stuff, but then Crowley shuts him down with a simple snap of his fingers. Turns out, he really is steps ahead. He had this vessel specially made with runes and spellwork directly from the cage, so Lucifer is essentially trapped again. How long will this last? Only time will tell.

But what's going on with Castiel, you wonder? Yes, Cas is in this episode, however briefly. He's on the trail of Lucifer's baby mama. Well, first he's investigating the death of another angel, but he soon finds out said angel was killed by one Dagon, prince of hell, who was protecting the baby mama. While investigating, he is approached by another angel who wants to bring him back into Heaven's fold, since they are all trying to take out the spawn of Satan, after all. He is reluctant at first, but eventually agrees.

And! By episode's end, Sam decides to man up and tell Dean where their cases have been coming from, because at least they've learned not to lie to each other for tooooo long anymore. Dean isn't happy about it, but agrees to work with the BMOL, at least until they mess up in some way. So, yeah, Sam was right when he told Mick he could get Dean to come around.

Random Thoughts:

- The joke in the beginning was not lost on me - the boys come back from a hunt with a baseball bat covered in barbwire that "dad" used to love. Aka JDM's character on Walking Dead uses. Har har.

- Totes random observation - Jared seems to have these pink patches just below his eyebrows in some scenes. Am I going nuts? Maybe it's just the lighting on the TV or something, but it does distract me from time to time.

- I didn't get as many of the longer exchanges of quotes, but there were some fun ones throughout between the boys. Their rapport lately has been a lot of fun in nearly every episode.

- Man is it a relief to have Mark Pellegrino back as Lucifer. Hot damn is he so much better than basically everyone else they've had in the role. Just a certain casual smugness and delight while still exuding menace.


Dean: Computers... Monsters. Porn. Is there anything they can't do?

Sam: I'm serious, dude. You smell like roadkill.
Dean: That's because I do all the heavy lifting.

Sam We say something that will give her peace, help her sleep at night.
Dean: Oh, so we lie.
Sam: Yeah. A lot.

Crowley: You miss me?

Dean: And this is why you don't drive.

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