Thursday, April 6, 2017

Supernatural 12x17 "The British Invasion"

As seems to be the case with many of the past seasons, I seem to enjoy the more one-off episodes than the ones dealing with the overall arc of the season. So, you can kind of guess that this one wasn't necessarily one of my favorites. The thing is, where in the first five seasons most episodes were fairly memorable, now they've all become kind of a jumble of not-so-memorable, where I don't remember what happens in which episode.

ared Padalecki as Sam, Shoshannah Stern as Eileen Leahy, Adam Fergus as Mick Davies and Darren Adams as Renny Rawlings in Supernatural 12x17 "The British Invasion"Anyway. What did happen in this episode, then? Well, we return to the overall storyline of the impending birth of Lucifer's baby via Kelly Kline, who is being protected by Dagon, one of the big demons. Turns out, Eileen, who we met some episodes ago, has had some luck tracking her down. She visited a clinic recently to get a check up on the baby, blah blah blah. Honestly I was only half paying attention to the logistics behind all of this. Basically, Eileen gets her phone number and Sam uses an accent to trick her into going back to the clinic, where Dean nabs her.

The real story in this episode revolves around the BMOL. Turns out, the head office in London isn't satisfied with the progress in recruiting the American hunters. They want them to follow orders now. Mick himself is having a tough time sticking to the code of the MOL at this juncture, particularly since it's all bringing up memories about how he was forced to kill his best friend as a child because of said code. The headmistress lady sends a goon over to watch Mick, who joins him, the Winchesters, and Eileen in trying to talk sense into Kelly about her Nephilim child. Of course, Dagon shows up to ruin the party, and Eileen accidentally kills the BMOL lacky while trying to shoot Dagon with the colt. Apparently the code states that if a BMOL is killed, whoever did it must then be killed in retribution? What kind of weird ass code is this, anyway?

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 12x17 "The British Invasion" The brothers talk him out of it, but he still reports all of it to the home office, the dummy. That gets him a visit from the headmistress and Ketch, wherein he stands up for himself, and promptly gets a bullet in the head from Ketch for his troubles. Just when he was starting to get endearing. Basically, the headmistress, Dr. Hess I think, wants him to put an end to the hunters. All of them. Which would include...

Mary. Who has been working with Ketch all this time, and apparently decided to get some hanky panky time with him too. He claimed that there was no emotional connection between them when she said it didn't mean anything, but methinks he will come around to the side of the Winchesters as well by the end of it all. I could be wrong, but...

Meanwhile, back in Crowley's lair, he thinks he's got Lucifer all cowed and ready to obey his orders. Lucifer plays along, but hints to the followers that he's just putting it all on for show. One such follower comes to his aid, but confirms that whatever wards are on his vessel are still holding strong, and he doesn't know how to get rid of them since Crowley killed the demon who created them. Is Rowena going to come back into play here somehow? Would not be surprised.

Random Thoughts:

- Oh look, they decided to start showing previews again at the end of the episode, rather than just touting Riverdale. It got cut off near the end, but it looks like more of a standalone episode, so perhaps I will enjoy it more.

- There were multiple mentions in this episode that Cas has been MIA for some time now. What has he been up to? Will we be getting a Cas-centric episode soon? Seems likely.

- Do we think this child will actually be born, or will they stop the birth somehow? Maybe Kelly will come to her senses now that Dagon has told her that all of the mothers die when birthing Nephilim.

- I feel like they don't quite know what to do with Mary anymore. She was just in a random few scenes this week. I find it more interesting when she's interacting with the boys, which has been very little of late.


Dean: Well that's cute.
Sam: Come on.

Sam: Wow, you look like crap.
Dean: Yeah, you look crappier.

Ketch: So you want to have it all.
Mary: Trying to.
Ketch: Good for you.

Dean: Welcome back, sweetheart.

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