Thursday, May 4, 2017

Supernatural 12x20 "Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes"

It's funny, when they tried to do a spinoff of Supernatural a couple years ago, they did it terribly and with people they were only introducing in that episode rather than ones they've introduced over time. I would have totally watched a spinoff with Max and Alicia, but it seems like they've just gone and shot that one in the foot now. It's not so interesting when one of them is a stick person controlled by the other.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Kara Royster as Alicia Banes and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 12x20 "Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes"Wait, what?

Yeah, that just sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Nonetheless, let's discuss how that all came to be. You see, this episode was all about moms. One in the form of Mary Winchester, and one in the form of Tasha Banes. We'll talk about Tasha first, who was off on some kind of hunt, and ends up stabbed. Her kids (well, really just Alicia) get worried when she doesn't call to check in, so they try calling up one of Mary's phones, but get Sam and Dean instead. Side note: how does that random cellphone stay charged for that long? Mysteries never cease.

Though Max protests their involvement, Sam says they need to go do something in the face of all this Lucifer child drama, so off they go. But what's this? Tasha is there and apparently just fine? Well, no, not really. Even though she jokes around with the kids and Dean, Sam ends up finding out something is amiss when he sees a missing poster for someone else they saw at the hotel earlier that day. He pulls Dean aside and they go investigate, finding some dead bodies in a cellar, one of which is none other than Tasha. Max stumbles upon them and sees his mom there lying dead, so you know some ish is about to go down. Meanwhile, we also get to see the crazy old witch woman working on some kind of stick figure upstairs.

Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester in Supernatural 12x20 "Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes"Look, long story short, witch woman sold her soul for power and makes these stick people with real people's hearts, who do things for her just so, but now she's worried about dying and going to hell. So she wants to pass on her power, which she offered Tasha, but Tasha didn't bite. She tries to also offer it to Max, but Dean shoots her before he can accept. However, in the other room, Sam and Alicia battle the stick people, and Alicia gets a knife to the gut. She ends up dying, and Sam and Dean just leave Max there alone to take care of things, like ole dummies. Because you know he goes and picks up the magic ring the woman had and brings his sister back as a stick person. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Dean has been trying to get ahold of Mary, who is still at the BMOL bunker with Ketch, none the wiser that Mick is actually dead. They interrogate a shapeshifter, and basically Mary starts to feel a little suspicious about things and goes snooping around, only to find Mick dead in a box, and a room full of surveillance of the boys, among others. Ketch, of course, catches her sneaking around, and they get into some fisticuffs wherein Mary kicks his ass, but is ultimately felled by a taser just after she won the damn fight. Which means she's not getting away, and that woman from the premiere is back to ask her questions or something. But at least she did get a message out to Dean that something wasn't right, so they will likely be going after her next week.

Random Thoughts:

- I mean, really? You kill off one of the side characters that actually has promise? I know technically she is still "alive" as this stick person creature thing, but Max is pretty much in control of her based on what that woman said, so... blugh.

- It was nice to see a woman beat a man in a fight, using certain areas to her advantage. Ha! I mean, yes technically he did "win" in the end, but as she said that wasn't fighting fair.

- Even though I'm poking at the episode, I did like how they were doing a parallel story with the moms and whatnot. At least it was tying the two separate things together in an emotional way.

- Next week: more of the Lucifer baby crap. Ugh.


Sam: Their mom's on a hunting trip, and hasn't been home in a week.

Shifter: Your eye twitches when you lie.
Ketch: My eye twitches all the time.

Tasha: You must be drunk.
Dean: Off of wine?

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  1. Actually, the interesting part could be in Max dealing with trying to restore her, and meanwhile, as he gives her freedom, exploring how much humanity Alicia can gain, and how she becomes more and more human, with her dealing with what she is, the strengths and limitations and so on.

    In other words, I just see it as a set up, giving both of them a quest to strive for.