Thursday, October 12, 2017

Supernatural 13x01 "Lost and Found"

Season 13 starts the day before Friday the 13th, what a coinkidink! Or however you would spell that. As you may recall from last season, some crap went down. Lucifer's spawn was born, killing his mother. Crowley died. Lucifer and Mary went through the rift between worlds to the other dimension aka Apocalypse World. Castiel died. Just some stuff, you know.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Alexander Calvert as Jack in Supernatural 13x01 "Lost and Found"The spawn of Kelly and Lucifer, Jack, has emerged basically fully grown, because it's always easier to deal with actors who are over 18 than children. Dean is ready to shoot him straight away while Sam wants to, like, see what his deal is? Jack just wants his father, and when Dean tries to shoot him, he unleashes some powers and knocks them out.

Jack, naked as a wee babe, heads off down the road until he finds a fast food joint, where he again asks for his father. Luckily, one of the kids who works there has a mom who just happens to be the sheriff, so he calls her up and she comes out and takes Jack into custody. She tries to get him to tell her where he's from, his parents contact information, you know, just regular stuff, but he doesn't know any of it. Oh, and he's hungry.

Now, you may be thinking, oh great, is he hungry for brains or something? But no, he is still half human, he can make do with some candy for now. Because who doesn't love themselves a little nougat? Meanwhile, Dean and Sam have awoken and are on the hunt for Jack, luckily this fast food joint just happens to be the only one around, so they stop in and get the scoop. While there, they run into a drunk woman who is obviously more than she seems given she has way too much screen time to think otherwise.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 13x01 "Lost and Found"So the Winchesters head off to the sheriff's station and find Jack in the midst of having a meltdown because of voices. I'm guessing these voices are angel radio, but I don't think they confirmed or denied that here? If they did I wasn't paying attention, clearly. Anyhow, a bunch of angels show up to kill the nephilim, but the Winchesters put up a fight. But why would Dean put up a fight at this point? Unclear. Sam wants to keep him around because he's not clearly evil, and also because he may eventually be able to re-open that portal to Apocalypse World.

Anywayz, the drunk woman angel from earlier manages to stab Jack with an angel blade, but do you know, it doesn't do anything to him! But she gets her own angel blade in the gut for her troubles, so there's that. Oh, I also forgot to mention that Sam and Jack have a heart to heart, wherein Jack tells Sam that he chose Castiel as his father, so that's who he's been looking for. Sadly for him, he's still dead. Of course, Misha Collins is in all the art and basically everywhere promoting the show, so I highly doubt Cas will be dead for too long, despite Dean's seemingly unheard prayers to Chuck/GAHHG.

So, they give Cas and Kelly, and I guess maybe Crowley too, a hunter's funeral, pyre and all. Dean also contends they are honoring Mary, as surely she must be dead. But lo! No. Lucifer has kept her alive over in AW, because he may need her or something. Dun dun dun.

Random Thoughts:

- I personally would have liked it more if Jack was a less ambiguous character. As in, make him clearly not evil rather than seemingly so, especially in all of his intro scenes. I mean, I get it, but I'm also tired of so much angst. So. Much. Angst.

- Is it weird that I'd rather see what's going on with Mary in AW?

- How do you think Castiel will be brought back? Because you know it's going to happen. They never let characters stay dead on this show, least of all the third most popular one.


Dean: I tried to shoot the monster, Sam. It's kind of what we do.

Jack: I like it. I like nougat.

Miriam: Also you're a giant super bitch.
Dean: Well it takes one to know one.

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