Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Supernatural: Top 5 Season Twelve Episodes

Well, I almost completely forgot I make one of these lists during every hiatus. The hiatus is almost over, dude! I nearly missed it. Sadly, I feel this is a reflection of my larger ennui with the show in general. I just don't get excited about it like I used to. It's a shame because it really was one of my favorite shows, ever. If it had ended many moons ago, it probably still would be in my top shows ever, but now the excellent has been muddled down by so much mediocre that I don't know if it will be.

Ah well, I guess if people are still interested in what I have to say about the show on a weekly basis, I will keep posting.

On to season twelve, the season of Mary's return and Lucifer's return and good lord does anyone ever really stay dead in this series? (No.) I gotta be honest, most of the episodes of the last season don't stand out on their own to me. I remember the overall storylines, but even though the intention was to kind of take things back to earlier seasons with more of a weekly thing going on, I had a hard time picking out episodes I really thought were great. So... these are the ones I think I liked best?

Each title is a link to a scene from the episode.

I almost chose The Raid for this spot, but went for this one instead, as I really enjoyed the twins until they just kind of ruined them at the end. Also Mary kicks some butt.

This must have been the midseason finale? It was a rather large episode in the middle of the season, bringing most of the characters together, and nearly killing Castiel.

I always like it when they take a look at other hunters, because it doesn't really happen very often in the grand scheme of the show. Plus Jody.

I mean, you have to love an episode where Jensen's comic timing gets to shine. Lots of silly Dean stuff in this one.

Mary finally gets her revenge on Ketch, and has a heart to heart with Dean over their deep feelings. The BMOL get theirs in general, really. Plus a family hug!

Honorable Mentions: The Raid, First Blood

Are you ready for season 13? My goodness. Am I ready for season thirteen?! Let me know in the comments which season 12 episodes were your favorites, and what you're hoping for next season!


  1. Well, congratulations, you were able to find 5 episodes you liked best in this season. Personally I just want to forget it aired . Sad, isn't it ?

    1. Ha! I mean, true though. It's one of those things where you've been watching for so long, you don't want to give up, but at the same time, the enjoyment isn't really there anymore, soooo...
      Personally I am not much looking forward to this season based on some of the previews I've seen so far. But I guess I'll keep watching!