Thursday, November 16, 2017

Supernatural 13x06 "Tombstone"

Well, Cas is back. Whether you wanted him to be or not, he's back. And things pick up pretty much where they left off last week, with him giving the lowdown of what happened to Sam and Dean, then shortly thereafter being reunited with Jack. Pseudo father figure #3 at your service, Jack-ie boy!

Recap/review of Supernatural 13x06 "Tombstone" by has also found what he thinks is a case, some grave robberies or something that they all agree to check out even though it seems like it might not necessarily be 100% supernatural. Mostly because Dean hears that it's in Dodge City, which is some famous old west town or something. Once they get there, they do find out that there's been a murder, so hey that's something. While Dean and Cas talk to the local sergeant on the case, Jack and Sam head off to chat with the local undertaker and check out the graveyard, where they discover some gnawed on bones in said grave.

Thus, we have a ghoul on our hands, who basically eats dead things and can assume their shape. After some more detective work from Jack, they figure out that the ghoul in question has taken on the form of some outlaw old west cowboy, who also happens to be dating the undertaker from earlier. Said undertaker gets a letter that she's gotten into makeup school, so the ghoul decides to help pay for that schooling, he's going to rob the local bank.

Recap/review of Supernatural 13x06 "Tombstone" by gang tracks him down at the bank, a shootout ensues, and Jack tries to step in and use his powers to stop him, only to accidentally also use his powers on the security guard from the bank, killing him. Jack is pretty torn up about this, so Sam and Cas take him back to the bunker. They try to tell him that they've all done bad things and that it will be okay, but he doesn't want to hear it.

Meanwhile, Dean goes off to take care of the ghoul, and with the help of the sergeant from earlier, does just that. Nothing to write home about here, let's be honest. When he gets back to the bunker, he also tries to reason with Jack, saying that even though he though Jack was purely evil, he's since grown to think that's not the case, but Jack is all emo and like I'll just bring pain, blah blah, and hits them with a blast of his power before teleporting out of there.

That's going to end well, I'm sure.

Random Thoughts:

- They made it seem like Dean has always been a huge cowboy fan, but to be honest I don't remember that really being a thing throughout the series, other than they traveled back in time to the old west that once.

- This was kind of a fluff episode, apart from the little bits with Jack. I noticed that he was listed in with the regulars rather than as a guest star, which would lead me to believe he'll be around for most of the season at least. You know eventually he's going to have to face Lucifer, which seems a ways off yet, so yeah.

- For some reason I thought Sam was going to have a flirtation with that undertaker, but I guess not.

- Dean's sudden turnaround in his feelings toward Jack seemed, well, just that, sudden. Is it just because Cas is back so he got his win? Whatevs.


Dean: Oh yes, stirrup hangers. Nice.

Sam: Still can't believe you brought your own hat.
Dean: Can't believe you didn't.

Cas: I told you, he's an angry sleeper. Like a bear.

Dean: I'm getting so tired of fighting things that look like other things.

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