Thursday, November 23, 2017

Supernatural 13x07 "War of the Worlds"

Have they ever played an episode on an actual holiday before? I'll be honest, I thought we were going to get a break tonight, but apparently not. So, Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it; I''m grateful for all of you who actually read this here blog, and especially grateful to anyone who leaves comments.

Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Asmodeus in Supernatural 13x07 "War of the Worlds"Well, as you may recall, in the last episode, Jack decided to take off after feeling all guilty about hurting people and such. The Winchesters and Cas have been trying to find him, but there is a mysterious lack of a trail. Which doesn't seem to be their fault, as Asmodeus has also been trying to find him, and also can't seem to find any sort of trail. Where could young Jack be? If you think you're going to find out this episode, think again.

Rather, let's head back to apocalypse world, where Michael is torturing Lucifer for... well just because, but also because he wants to know how to get back to the other Earth, since it's not quite so apocalypse-y as this one. Turns out, he's already been working on it, as the Kevin on this world is still alive, and still a prophet, and apparently there's some spell in one of the tablet booklet things or whatever the heck they're called that opens the rift, so long as it has a little angel grace to soup it up. Michael takes some of Lucifer's grace to get the job done. And hey, it does work, but the only one who manages to get through if Lucifer himself. ... Okay!

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 13x07 "War of the Worlds"Meanwhile, Cas heads off to chat with some other angels to see if they know where Jack is, so the Winchesters decide to check out a case since they can't do anything else. They think that witches are doing the killing, but soon find out that it's actually witches that are being killed, by someone who looks just like... Mr. Ketch! Oh good, because we were all hoping Ketch would come back! ... Wait. Who was hoping for that? Okay then. They manage to catch this Ketch, who claims to be the twin brother of the BMOL Ketch. The Winchesters aren't so keen to believe him, but there is a paper trail indicating that it could be true. Hmm....

Cas meets up with his angel contacts, but they don't know where Jack is, and apparently if they do find him they want to put him to work rather than kill him. I'll be honest, I was only half paying attention to this scene. Before the angels can do anything nefarious, Lucifer shows up and they scurry away when he flashes his red eyes at them. Lucky for him, they don't know that's about all he can do at the moment, with his other powers not working at the moment. He has a chat with Cas, saying he wants to team up and Jack and him as the alt-Michael is going to eventually make his way over to this world and they need to be able to defeat him.

Dean calls up Cas to check in (or is it the other way around? Who cares.), and figures something is up with the way Cas is being somewhat cagey. They track his phone down, leaving Ketch back at the bunker, but when they arrive at the place, all they find are demons. That's because earlier, Asmodeus and some lackeys showed up and took Lucifer and Castiel back to the hell bunker, since he apparently knows he's more powerful than Lucifer. Anyway, Sam and Dean fight some demons, ultimately getting help from Ketch, who escaped from the bunker after they left and stole a motorcycle to come help. After Dean calls him out on his fighting moves being too Arthur-y, he finally admits that he had the same spell on him that Rowena had, so he was brought back to life. He tries to play it off like he's a changed man, but they aren't buying it. Blah blah blah, he gets away.

Turns out, he's working for Asmodeus, or something. Oh good.

Random Thoughts:

- Recycling actors that are semi-known is not the best idea. Hi there, Erica Cerra, we've seen you here before in a completely different featured role, but okay Supernatural.

- Where was Mary in the alt world?

- I don't mind them bringing back Kevin in this way, because at least it's in another world and not just bringing back dead people all the time.

- But oh look, in the same episode, they bring back a dead a person! Sheesh. I'm sorry but I wasn't clamoring to have Ketch back on the show, especially after he's barely been gone at all. Was there some contingent that wanted him back or something?

- How many episodes will it be before we get one that just focuses on what Jack has been up to in the interim? Three? Guess we'll see soon enough. Probably the one before the mid-season break.


Alt-Kevin: Michael's taking me with him to paradise world, where I can meet hot women.

Castiel: You would seem to be the weak link on this team.
Lucifer: Ok that hurt; that was unnecessary.

Lucifer (to Cas): Smooth was never your strong suit.

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  1. Yeah, I agree with you. The whole "I'm dead but not really" thing is getting wearisome. Especially with Ketch. Who the hell would want him back? Not me. And yeah, where WAS Mary? Asmodeus (aka "Evil Colonel Sanders" - heh); ugh, really? It just kind of seems to me that we're grasping at straws to move all the side-plots along and forgetting things.

    1. Probably they couldn't afford to have Mary in the episode along with everyone else, or she was busy filming something else. But it was very odd regardless.
      My problem with the bringing people back from the dead thing is that it makes death meaningless because it's done so often. If death doesn't mean anything, then why should we care when people die?