Thursday, October 25, 2018

Supernatural 14x03 "The Scar"

Dean is back, and not ready to deal with his emotions. What a shocker! Everyone is worried about him, of course, Sam especially, but Dean just wants to get to the bottom of things, which turns out to be something to do with this mysterious scar on his arm. Turns out, something was able to hurt Michael while he was in Dean, so whatever that was is obvi super important.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural 14x03 "The Scar"And wouldn't you know it, one Jody Mills just happens to be involved in finding said weapon! She just happens to be working on a case where some dead bodies also exhibit a very similar wound to the one Dean has. So everyone is all gung ho about going up to Sioux Falls and finding the weapon and its wielder. Jack is all ready to go with them, but of course they are still holding him back. Only it turns out that one of the other hunters around the bunker just happens to bring in this cursed girl, so Cas also stays behind with Jack to take care of this girl.

So let's go through the Cas and Jack storyline real quick first. Jack is all ready to run away because he's feeling pretty sorry for himself, but then he decides to stay when he sees the sick girl. While Cas and this other lady work on a spell to try to save the girl, Jack chats her up, and she does some very on-the-nose dialoguing about how she ran away and she regrets it, blah blah. The most important bit of the whole thing is that basically this witch took her and a few other girls in and it is blatantly obvious that said witch used this necklace thing the girl has on to start stealing her youth.

Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills, Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 14x03 "The Scar"Long story short, when Cas' witch reversal spell doesn't work and the girl seemingly dies, Jack figures out that the witch is wearing a necklace very similar to the girl and figures that the girl's life force might be inside it. Bang bang goes the necklace, and the girl gets her life force back, and Cas is all kinds of proud of Jack for thinking on his feet. He also offers to go on a real hunting trip with him once the Winchesters get back. All would be fine and dandy, except that Jack now seems to be coughing up blood. Dun dun dun.

Okay, on to the Winchester story. They meet up with Jody and start investigating the woods, and soon enough find the person responsible for the wound - Kaia's double from the bad place. The spear she brought over has some kind of special powers and can hurt Michael. Dean is all gung ho about trying to get it away from her, but she's not one to giver over her special weapon so easily, especially not to Dean. That goes on hold, anyway, because some super vamps show up and start beating everyone up. Luckily, Kaia's special weapon is also good at killing these new super monsters, so she takes them out pretty easily.

Dean confesses to Sam that he does sort of remember what happened during the time with Michael, even though earlier he claimed it had gone by in a blink. Rather, he felt like he was drowning the entire time, trying to come up for air. And now he feels responsible for whatever Michael does, because he said yes in the first place. Ah, typical Winchesters, trying to take all the blame on themselves!

Random Thoughts:

- Wonder what is wrong with Jack. Seems like he might get his grace back just in time to save himself or something?

- I always find it funny in episodes where people mention others a lot, but they're not in the episode at all. Like, we didn't get to see Dean and Mary's reunion. Claire and the other girls were mentioned a bunch, but not seen, even though they were in the same town. I know it's budgetary and whatever, it just doesn't always make logical sense in the story.

- The bewitched girl storyline was ridiculously predictable. And talk about SUCH an on-the-nose talk about running away when he had literally just been about to run away. Good grief.

- What do you think of Sam's beard? For some reason it almost looks fake to me? Or maybe just too meticulously groomed or something?


Dean: Duck Dynasty called, and they say they want it all back.
Sam: Some people say I look good.
Dean: No. No, Sam, no people say that.

Dean: I didn't mean to be a dick.

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