Thursday, November 1, 2018

Supernatural 14x04 "Mint Condition"

That was a pretty fun episode - a nice Halloween-y diversion from the main angel-y storyline of the season. It's funny how these later seasons I tend to enjoy the one-off episodes more whereas back in the day it used to be the other way around. So, yes, this is a monster o' the week episode, going back to tried and true territory for the Winchesters with a classic ghost hunt.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 14x04 "Mint Condition"
Dean has been holed up in his room at the bunker, not wanting to interact with all of the strangers in what is essentially his home, eating pizza and watching horror movie marathons. Sam is a bit worried about him, so luckily he comes across a case that he thinks just might tickle Dean's fancy - a comic book store worker was attacked by a Thundercats toy come to life! Yup, Dean is IN.

They head on over to investigate, and the dude, Stuart, tries to tell them he made it all up, but it soon becomes clear that he did NOT make it all up when he is attacked again, this time with the Winchesters helpfully nearby staking out his house. They save him from a killer chainsaw, and that's when Dean brings out the EMF detector and figures out that they have a ghost on their hands.

Dean hangs back at the hospital to make sure Stuart's mom doesn't go back to his house, while Sam heads off to try to find out who the ghost may be. He doesn't have much luck at Stuart's house, so he heads back over to the comic book store to check in with Samantha, one of the other workers. It turns out that the former owner of the store died recently, and he was not too fond of Stuart, who was stealing from the store. Just as Sam is asking about where his body is buried (it isn't, it was cremated), the ghost shows up to cause some mayhem.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Aaron Paul Stewart as Dirk, Genevieve Buechner as Samantha in Supernatural 14x04 "Mint Condition"The ghost takes over the Hatchet Man figure that has been playing a large part in this whole episode, not only the figure, but also the movies he is from that Dean was watching earlier and that he discusses throughout with Dirk, another of the comic book store workers. ANYWAY, the ghost heads on over to the hospital to go after Stuart, much running and fighting ensues, and Sam and Samantha make it just in time to surmise that the item the ghost is attached to is likely the keychain that goes with the store. Torch time, babies!

With the ghost mystery solved, the brothers head back to the bunker, having a patented Impala chat about feelings on the way. Basically, Sam tells Dean he can't keeping hiding away, and Dean thanks Sam for getting him out of the house and out of his funk. Aw, bros.

Random Thoughts:

- The moment when Dean is about to elbow the fire hose glass but instead sees if it's unlocked. Ha, too funny.

- Did they name the comic book nerd who is attacked Stuart in reference to the owner of the comic book store in Big Bang Theory? Haha.

- There were a lot of fun little moments throughout this episode. Nice brotherly banter, Dean geeking out over horror movies. Sam finally admitting why he hates Halloween (basically, he puked on a girl he was about to kiss).


Dean: Oh wow.
Sam: What? Oh. Yes. I shaved.

Dean: Since when is okay part of this job?

Dean: She's like your twin. Soft, delicate features, luxurious hair. She's like your wonder twin.

Sam: Can't believe you had her make us apple cider.
Dean: She offered.

Samantha: Where'd you learn how to do this?
Sam: I had a messed up childhood.

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