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...Set: Glee 1x15 "The Power of Madonna"

People, let me start by expressing my extreme annoyance with one behemoth show called American Idol. Because it so brashly decided to go over 4 minutes, the end of Glee got cut off on my DVR. This is especially annoying on the West Coast, where American Idol is NOT, in fact, live, so there is no reason for that crap to happen. Anyone want to fill me in? It cut off right after Finn and Jesse shook hands.

It turns out, my favorite music number of the night happened after my DVR cut off! HOW RUDE! Skip ahead to approximately 42:08 to see it.

I also need to mention that I have way, way, way too many quotes listed from this episode, and I think I even missed a couple! Because of that, I'm going to strive to keep the actual recap short. I will say, after the sort of frenetic trainwreck of last week, the pacing seemed to be back on track in this episode. I do hope that they don't start to go overboard with Sue stuff. Sue is great and all, but she's the best in small doses, in my opinion. This is not knocking Jane Lynch in the least, who is fantastic, but you know what I mean. I don't want to get Sue burnout.

This episode was all about Madonna and the many things she has stood for - whether it be female independence or, you know, sexy sexiness. This translated into our various storylines...

Recap/review of Glee 1x15 'The Power of Madonna'

Sue has apparently always been a big fan of Madonna, so she has decided to have the Cheerios do a bunch of Madonna songs for their numbers. When she sees Will has taken the idea to run with Glee as well, she gets annoyed and tries her usual barbs against him. But when he retaliates back against her, we learn that she has hair image issues. Kurt and Mercedes try to give her some new Madonna-inspired looks, but Principal Figgin tells her she's already a strong, independent, individual woman, and shouldn't lose sight of that. Point taken! She also recruits Kurt and Mercedes to be on the Cheerios.

Will & Emma:
Emma decides, after Sue basically tells her she has no sexiness about her, that she's going to take her virginity into her own hands and do the deed with Will. When it comes down to the moment, though, she decides she's just not ready yet. Will berates himself for even letting her go along with the idea at all, because he realizes he's just been acting like all of the other guys around there. He instates a rule: they can't date until his divorce is final. He's filed the papers, so it's on its way. He also wants Emma to see a counselor about her issues. Way to be up front, gotta say.

Rachel/Jesse and Finn/Santana:
Rachel admits to Jesse that she's a virgin, and at first he pressures her a little to do the deed. Then he apologizes and pulls back, then she decides she does want to do it. But when it comes to the night for them, she decides she's just not ready yet. Big surprise that it's both of the girls that decide they can't do it, whereas Finn...

Santana pursues Finn after she is tasked by Sue to date a younger guy. Finn is reluctant to go out with her at first (and by go out, I mean have sex, because she basically just propositioned him), but after he finds out that Rachel is still seeing Jesse, he goes for it. And, because he's a teenage boy, he does go through with the actual sex. This comes as no shock. But, at least he realized that it meant nothing afterward because she didn't mean anything to him. Because he's still got feelings for Rachel.

The big surprise of the evening came when Jesse showed up at the school, announcing that he had just moved into their district and would be joining New Directions. The whole glee club got up in arms about it, but Finn eventually welcomed him to the group. I didn't see the very end because of the aforementioned DVR mishap, so I can't say whether Jesse had a look on his face that would suggest foul play. Did he?

In other news, Tina and Artie have healed their rift from when she confessed she didn't really have a stutter, and they appear to be dating. Awww!

As for the musical numbers, they were all pretty good. Oh, for the SYTYCD fans out there - did you see Nathan from season six in the Vogue video? I didn't notice the first time around, but I'm pretty sure that was him as one of the background dancers. Otherwise, I liked the guys' version of What it Feels Like For a Girl (maybe because I like that song quite a lot). But I'm not sure any of them had quite the pop of, say Jump from a few episodes back.

In case you missed the preview for next week, like me:


"What you call insanity, I call inspiration. Let me break it down for you. It's been the biggest dream of my career to pay homage to Madonna, the woman most responsible for my take no prisoners demeanor and my subconscious tendency to always desperately be looking for someone named Susan." - Sue

"What Would Madonna Do. Well the answer to that question is usually, date a younger man." - Sue

"Now, it's like Madonna once said. I'm tough, I'm ambitious and I know what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay. I'm pretty sure she stole that line from one Sue Sylvester. No really, she stole it from me. I said it first. Palladium. '87." - Sue

"Can you please stop talking? You're grossing my baby out." - Quinn

"Look at their role models. You've got Britney Spears and her shaved head. Lindsay Lohan looks like something out of the Lord of the Rings. Ann Coulter." - Emma

"Sloppy freak show babies! Somewhere in the English countryside in a stately manor home, Madonna is weeping!" - Sue

"Oh, hey William. I thought I smelled cookies wafting from the ovens of the little elves that live in your hair." - Sue

"You think this is hard? I'm passing a gall stone as we speak! That's hard!" - Sue

"When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a misogynist." - Brittany

"Guess who I'm dating. Wes Brody. He's super cute. He plays soccer with my sister. He's seven." - Brittany

"Trust me, the way to get a man to follow you forever? Take his virginity. Madonna, like, wrote a song about it." - Brittany

"You're about as sexy as a cabbage patch kid. It's exhausting to look at you." - Santana

"Simply put, you have the sensuality of one of those pandas down at the zoo who refuse to mate." - Sue

"I'm going to Kabbalah. Is that too much?" - Kurt

"It's gonna be Madge-ical." - Kurt

"Oh, by the way, how's the Florence Henderson look working for you?" - Will

"Mercedes is black. I'm gay. We make culture." - Kurt

"I feel bad about what happened at your house. Do you still have my care bear?" - Jesse

"Oh hey there, Whoopi. Don Knotts." - Sue

"He's a spy, Mr. Schue. I should know." - Santana

"Mr. Schue. Is he your son?" - Brittany

"As an honorary girl, I have to agree." - Kurt

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