Tuesday, November 16, 2010

...Set: Glee 2x07 "The Substitute"

Glee got a dose of movie star power tonight with guest star Gwyneth Paltrow - and it was a refreshing jolt of unexpected wacky. The episode itself was sort of all over the place, but on the whole one of the better ones of this rather uneven second season. The episode is titled "The Substitute," which has meaning for pretty much every story....
Recap/review of Glee 2x07 "The Substitute" by freshfromthe.com
Sue puts herself in the place of ultimate school power when she inserts herself as principal when Figgins comes down with a nasty flu. She immediately tries to disband the football team, but is brought back down to earth when Beiste reminds her that her Cheerios won't have anyone to cheer for without the football team. Loved seeing Sue get taken down a peg, gotta say. She instead shifts her focus elsewhere, for some reason to fried foods. Honestly there was not a lot of connection here, and the whole fried food thing didn't have much bearing on anything else going on, except to sub into the Mercedes/Kurt storyline. Because apparently with Kurt having Blaine around, Mercedes has turned her attention to these tator tots? Random. Don't get me wrong, I love me some tots, too, but... so much of that storyline felt forced. It totally makes sense that Mercedes feels left out now that Kurt has Blaine around, but somehow Kurt turned that around to Mercedes having been using Kurt as a substitute to finding a boyfriend for herself and blah blah. Too overuse of the substitute metaphor here.

Anyway, on to other things. Not only did Figgins come down with the flu, Schue was also dosed with it. And in came this week's breath of fresh air with the substitute Spanish, and soon glee club, teacher - Holly Holliday. She's a little bit out there and likes to mix things up to get more on the kids' level when she's subbing. The kids, naturally, take to her new style like moths to the flame, and it's not long before Sue has decided she's going to fire Schue and hire Holly to replace him. Because in whatever short space of time she's been acting as principal, she claims that Figgins has been fired, and she has been offered the job. Move at light speed much, show? In any event, Will is rather devastated by this news, as you'd expect, but he's not long out of a job. Because, it turns out, Holly is great at being friendly with the kids, but not great when it comes to discipline and anything like that. She quits, and Will re-joins the fold.

While he's been sick, however, we are forced to deal with the return of Terri, who likes to pretend he's a baby when he's sick. Ew. That was just disturbing in so many ways. Also, they have sex. She thinks it means something more, but he tells her that it was a mistake and to leave for good. Is this the last we'll see of her? She didn't grate on me as much this time around as she has in the past but... as Holly said, she's kind of a bitch.

Is it me, or did there seem to be some kind of vibe between Will and Holly? In the end, he goes to her to help get the glee kids jazzed about doing an older number, so they make it a mash up between something old and new, and you know? I wouldn't mind her coming back more often. Just saying.


Forget You - Holly
Make 'em Laugh - Will
Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag - Rachel & Holly
Umbrella/Singin' in the Rain - Holly & Will


"First order of business: destroy the glee club." - Sue
"I thought we were friends." - Will
"That got old." - Sue

"You smell homeless, Brett. Homeless." - Kurt

"What would you know about Cee-Lo? You're like, 40." - Santana
"Top 40, sweet cheeks." - Holly

"Humiliation! Bested by the Beiste." - Sue

"They look like deep-fried deer poop." - Brittany

"When I showed this to Brittany earlier, she began to whimper, thinking I had cut down a small tree where a family of gummy bears lived." - Sue

"I told her not to touch my tots." - Mercedes

"Her name was Cameo. She was like an attractive Biggie Smalls." - Holly

"Hi, I'm Holly Holliday." - Holly
"Are you a porn star or a drag queen?" - Terri

"Mr. Schuester taught me the second half of the alphabet. I stopped after M and N. I felt they were too similar and got frustrated." - Brittany

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  1. If Terri ends up being actually preggers based on the sick sex I might just stop watching the show!

  2. OMG, please NO. I really would be upset if that happened.

  3. I didn't even think of her getting pregnant. UGH.

    I laughed out loud when they showed Paltrow playing Lincoln's crazy wife.