Tuesday, November 23, 2010

...Set: Glee 2x08 "Furt"

This was like a secret Bruno Mars tribute episode, yeah? Two out of four (that's half, math whizzes!) songs were from the Mars oeuvre. And let us also take a pause and revel in the fact that there were only four songs this week. No more bloated episodes, please and thanks!
Recap/review of Glee 2x08 "Furt" by freshfromthe.comTonight's episode touched on, or rather pounced on, the bullying issue that has been playing out the past few weeks with Karofsky and Kurt. Kurt constantly feels terrified in school, and Will finally decides to take action. I suppose I shouldn't say finally, I don't think he really knew to what extent it was going on, or if he knew at all. Either way, he takes Kurt to see Sue, who is still acting as principal, to try to solve the problem, but she says her hands are tied unless he does something more than just threaten Kurt. Kurt's fellow Glee clubbers aren't okay with that, so Rachel suggests the other guys who are on the football team get in Karofsky's face about it, only Finn is skittish about the idea, not wanting to jeopardize his status in school. So, Artie, Mike and Sam go to Kurt's defense in the locker room, getting into a fight. But things don't really change until Burt sees Karofsky make some sort of gesture at Kurt, and nearly attacks the kid himself. After a joint meeting with Sue, Karofsky gets expelled. But, he is soon let back in after a school board hearing. Because he doesn't feel safe, Burt and Finn's mom Carole decide to transfer him to that all boy's school, who I have also forgotten the name of.

Speaking of Burt and Carole, they have decided to tie the knot. And rather quickly too, since they only just announce it, and it's happening at the end of the episode. Of course, with Kurt planning things, that's not too big of a surprise. I have to say, while their wedding could have turned totally saccharine, I think the actors really pulled it off without drowning in sap. I may or may not have teared up. Shut it, I cry at weddings, even fictional ones, I can't help it. The whole singing down the aisle thing was really cute and fun. And, thanks to some insightful words from both Burt and his mom (and through seeing what the other glee clubbers did for him), Finn realizes he's been acting like a jerk about the whole Kurt situation, and does a whole big song and dance number to tell Kurt that he'll be there for him from now on. Step-brothers!

Burt and Carole aren't the only ones getting married, however. Wedding bells seem to be ringing all over town. The anchors at the news station where Sue does her show announce they are getting married, which puts Sue in a tizzy. She decides she should get married, but that the only person worthy of marrying her is... herself. And she will officiate it herself. And she will walk herself down the aisle. But that will not happen before her mom, Doris, makes an appearance to, wouldn't you know it, bully her around a bit, and generally talk about Nazi hunting a lot. Through the combined experience of dealing with her mom and seeing what's been going with bullying at the school, Sue decides to step down as principal, so Figgins will be returning.

In tiny sideplot news, Sam was determined to make Quinn his girlfriend. At first he tries to win her over with a promise ring and some nice words, but it isn't until he defends Kurt and inspires Finn to come around that Quinn decides to take him up on the offer.


Ohio - Doris & Sue
Marry You - Everyone
Sway - Will
Just the Way You Are - Finn


"So shine on, urban campers, you smell like adventure." - Sue

"My power rangers got married and divorced in so many combinations, they were like Fleetwood Mac." - Kurt

"Lady, this kid lays a finger on you, you come straight to me, and I'll expel him faster than a Thai place can read back your delivery order." - Sue

"When you guys fooled around, did he ever just... lie there?" - Brittany

"Besides, I miss my office. This room smells weird. I can't shake the feeling that I'm inhaling a lot of dead skin." - Sue

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