Monday, November 29, 2010

...Set: Chuck 4x10 "...vs. the Leftovers"

If any of you were wondering, like me, how long the show would continue before Chuck got the Intersect back - wonder no further! Whoops, did I just give away the ending of the episode? Ah well. I don't think anyone was surprised to find that the laptop Papa B left for Ellie had an Intersect on it for Chuck. What is interesting about it is that he seemed to have the foresight that both of them would need to use it in some way before it worked out. What exactly did Ellie have to do with the brain scans? It must be something to make the Intersect work better for Chuck, I guess? Perhaps that will be addressed in the future, but I would not be surprised if it wasn't.

Anyway! Apart from that, this episode brought back Mama B and Volkhoff. It seems Volkhoff has finally found out that Chuck survived their last encounter, and is having his Frosty send some goons to take him out. Of course, she's doing all kinds of double dealing, and kills the would be assassins before they can kill Chuck. The team brings her in to Castle to try to get information out of her, but soon enough, Volkhoff is taking over the Buy More, starting with Jeff and Lester, who one of his agents knocks out.

Recap/review of Chuck 4x10 'Chuck versus the Leftovers' by freshfromthe.comAfter some back and forth, they get themselves into a standoff situation, Chuck and crew have agreed to hand over Mama B back to Volkhoff, who claims he will let them go without incident once he has his love back. Yep, he's in love with her, which was supposed to be shocking, but was sort of obvious to me. Whatever! Anyway, the standoff situation forces Mama B to out herself as Chuck's mother. And, with an ill-timed call from Ellie, Volkhoff finds out that she has two kids.

Rather than lose his head about it, Volkhoff instead insists he is great with kids and invites himself over for the Bartowski leftover dinner. It's awkward city at the dinner, as you might expect. Chuck has to secretly tell Devon what's going on and gets him to get Ellie out of there with a fake call from the hospital. After they've left, Volkhoff threatens to kill Sarah, only Mama B steps in and says that she could never love a man who would hurt her son in any way. They head off together, for now. Her motives are still tricksy, but at least she does love her kids.

Meanwhile, Morgan has been trying to devise a way to save Jeff and Lester, and also Casey, who was captured back at the Buy More during the whole standoff situation. He thinks he's devised a brilliant plan by taping a gun to his back, but of course he tapes it into a position where he can't reach it. Though if he can't reach it to get it off, then how did he tape it to get it on, hmmmmmm? It doesn't matter anyway, because Volkhoff has ordered his minions to let them all go.

And, as I already mentioned, Devon gives Chuck Papa B's old laptop, and Chuck uses it to get back the Intersect. He knows kung fu. Again.

You know what part I enjoyed the most in this episode, though? When Casey called Chuck's mom Mama B! That's what everyone online has been calling her forever. Love it. Also hilarious - how Morgan signed he and Chuck up for a training class that turned out to be strip kick or something like that. And Chuck was able to use the one move he learned in class to kick a guy.

Oh, and Chuck himself, Mr. Zachary Levi, directed this episode. Nice!


"Come with me if you want to live." - Mama B

"Keep talking, Commie. It's party time." - Casey

"Give me Frost, or I'll kill you all, starting with the fat man and the Indian." - Volkhoff

"Devon, I know you're the world's worst liar, but right now, I need you to be Awesome." - Chuck

"Guys, I know kung fu. Again." - Chuck

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