Friday, November 18, 2011

Supernatural 7x09 "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters"

What started out as a seemingly monster of the week episode turned into quite something else entirely. Bobby and the boys find themselves on a case in New Jersey seemingly having to do with the oft-mentioned Jersey Devil of local lore. But after a visit to BigGerson's and a taste of a super special sandwich start making Dean act, like, totally calm, dude, they realize there is much more at work here.

Because that super special Turducken Slammer sandwich is making anyone who eats it act either like a blissed out stoner, or turn into some kind of crazy monster type that likes the taste of human, and just about any other, flesh. Including cat heads. Yikes. That's because the turducken isn't so much a combo of turkey, duck and chicken as some kind of weird goo made to look like it. Which just so happened to be in the body of that nasty ass former guy-turned-monster that was killing a bunch of people, garnering the attention of Bobby and the boys in the first place. Bobby and the boys, it sounds like a band or something.

Recap/review of Supernatural 7x09 "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters" by freshfromthe.comWhile Dean is weaned off the effects of the sandwich through sleep and epic amounts of coffee, Sam and Bobby follow the meat delivery truck back to a nondescript large white building. And who should be holing up in that building? None other than Edgar and the Dr. Leviathan. It turns out, Doc Leviathan has been doing some kind of experiment with the sandwiches to make the masses complacent. The mass killing monsters were an unplanned side effect that occurred in .03% of subjects. While the Doc is happy to keep working on it all, Edgar informs him that a certain head honcho Leviathan that we previously met talking to Crowley a few episodes ago, who goes rather appropriately by the name of Dick, is coming by. Better burn those botched experiments!

Since it is a rare chance for them to get some intel on these guys without them knowing it, Bobby and the boys set up a stakeout. Bobby heads for a rooftop with a sound amplifier thingamajig while the boys wait in the van. Only Bobby's hideout isn't so hidey. He's discovered and taken into the newly arrived Dick's office. This is just after Dick has made the Doc "bib" himself - aka eat himself to death. These guys just love consumption! Dick waxes poetical about Bobby not being worth copying, yada yada, but hey, the boys have a plan!

Remember how we found out cleaning stuff hurts these things? They decide to go in, spraying the place with the stuff, to rescue Bobby. Before they get him out, Bobby manages to get a glimpse of what the Leviathan are cooking up in the larger plan department, but as an audience we're not quite sure what it is. And it may be that we never find out!

Because, gasp! The boys get Bobby into the back of the van, but Dick comes a runnin' after them, shooting his newly bought gun. And, gulp, he manages to shoot Bobby! In the head! Through one of his beloved trucker hats! Omg! Bobby!

If Bobby dies, Dean will really lose it. Because let's not forget, that was the emotional story of this episode. While Dean was taking a nap, Sam brought up to Bobby that something isn't right with him. He's not into the hunting stuff like normal, that sort of thing. Which is... sort of old hat news. These have been issues with him for seemingly forever. Bobby basically tells Sam that he and Dean need to quit worrying about each other all the time. But later, he talks to Dean himself, basically telling him to quit acting like he's not a hunter and get his head on straight. I'm not so sure he'll be able to do that if Bobby goes off into the great white yonder, though.

The next episode is the last one before the winter hiatus. I can't believe it's already been practically half a season already! Where does the time go?

Random Thoughts:

- Turducken Slammer! Big Bird. Ken Doll. Creepy Uncle! Always a good time at BigGersons!

- Glampers. This is something I have not heard of before, so I'm impressed Sam and Dean know the term!

- Bobby talking about death with Dean was a bit of foreshadowing to that ending, right? Is he gonna make it?!

- The photoshopping with Dick Roman... wow.

- There is mention of Sam still having Satan hanging around, and more of the hand massaging... is it going to become an issue again, or does he actually have a handle on it? It seems too easily handled if that is the case.


"Stop trying to wrestle with the big picture, son, you're gonna hurt your head." - Bobby

Brandon: Do I look like a freakin' hostess?
Dean: Do you want to look like a hostess?
Sam: That didn't really make sense...what you... said.

"It's like the perfect storm here, top three edible birds." - Dean

"That is... just gonna ruin the leather." - Dean

"You die before me and I'll kill ya." - Bobby

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  1. Bobby is probably going to die. The way this show has been cleaning house, and talks of Sera wanting to go back to the roots of the show with just the two boys pretty much says it all. Bobby may I hate to say this had been wasted space for years. He's funny interesting but with our heroes in their early 30's there's no place for Bobby's wisdom without having Sam and Dean look moronic.

  2. Darren may have a point. Remember in the first season, whenever they needed research done on anything either Sam or Dean fired up the laptop or visited the library and did it themselves? When's the last time we saw them do that, as opposed to flipping open a cell and speed-dialing Bobby?

    Sometimes they needed a father figure, or a third hunter, or a place to regroup, or a house decked out in supernatural books and protection. But there was a time when they got along without any of that stuff.

    Bobby's character made sense for the show in a lot of ways, but they came to rely on him too much, IMO. Maybe it's time for this.

  3. I'm not sure if he's actually going to die, but I agree that I would not be particularly heartbroken. Not that I don't like Bobby, but it's true they do use him as sort of a crutch to always have the answers.

  4. If it's true that Sam does indeed have Lucifer in check, then if Bobby does indeed die next episode or end up in a irreversible coma, I believe that would be a great catalyst for Sam's mental breakdown. (Should they choose to go that route.) Jen you said it yourself Sam got over his paranoia really fast.

    Kink Bobby's character did make a lot of sense in the beginning mainly as a plot device by helping the boys when they had their backs up against the wall or when completely stumped on how to ID their creature of the week or a simple kill method, when the usual internet research came up with nothing and Bobby had all those rare texts and experience. As the show drew on he became more of a father and Bobby started accompanying them on missions and had some major development which was good. I especially loved his paralyzed mini arc in 5. Much like when Cas was overused so became Bobby and our main heroes seemed almost impotent when it came to taking care of business by relyig on those two more than their own intuitions and skills.