Friday, January 6, 2012

Chuck 5x09 "...vs. the Kept Man"

After my super late review last week, this week things are back on schedule. And with only a few episodes of the series left, ever, that's probably a good thing.

Two main plots were served up in tonight's episode - the first being Gertrude/Casey heavy. Yep, Gertrude is back, with a vengeance. She's got some romantic plans for Casey, but Casey being Casey, he's less than enthused by the prospect. Gertrude goes to other measures to try to get him to go on a vacation with her, hiring Carmichael Industries for a spy mission in Miami. They have to help with an arms dealer with a dude named Falcone, but it turns out that they were just a decoy team of spies, and Verbanski had her own team ready in the wings for when Falcone tried to turn the tables on them.

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More babies? Not yet.
Casey feels slighted by the whole ordeal and ignores Verbanski when she tries to tell him that it's all part of a larger plan, which included the dude telling her where some other dude, St. Germaine, is hiding, because of some yada yada. I truly could care less. The point is, she ends up going in with just her team, and gets caught. St. Germaine calls up Casey for some ransom, and it's team Carmichael to the rescue. Fights, booms, bangs, etc.

While all of this was going on, Sarah was worried that she might be pregnant. Chuck is completely oblivious to her many obvious signs, but when they do the test, it turns out she's not anyway, so whatevs, dude. You're in the clear. But that gets them to thinking about the future and whatnot. Can spies have kids? Do they want that? Stop spiraling, people, it's not happening quite yet.

And in my favorite plot of the night, we had Jeff and Lester (or really just Jeff) catching on to all of the spy shenanigans going on right under their very noses. He puts together that Casey and Sarah are probably CIA, that Chuck is some kind of asset, and that they must have a fourth member on their team. Morgan gets wind of the whole thing and calls in Devon to act as a diversion, pretending he's the fourth spy.

He lures them down into the basement of the Buy More and acts as though he's been hiding some workout equipment down there, and that they've all been chasing a ghost of sorts. But Jeff's brain, no longer all gassed out, is able to put some things together, and smashes right through the fake wall in the room straight into Castle. Morgan tranqs both him and Lester before they can ask any questions, but they've already seen it. So now pretty much everyone is going to know their "secret"?

Choice Song:

Jackpot - The Albertans


Chuck: What can we, Carmichael Industries, offer our clients that other firms can't? Go.
Sarah: Discount electronics?

"I'm not a kept man. I'm a spy, dammit." - Casey

"It's so oddly comfortable running in heels." - Lester

"Let the statuesque man work out in peace." - Big Mike

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