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Supernatural 7x11 "Adventures in Babysitting"

Look at that! We're back from hiatus! It didn't actually feel that long to me this time around. But just in case you're a little rusty on where things left off, you can check out the last recap - or I can just tell you. Bobby died. Yes, it's true. He really died.

Which leaves the boys in something of a fog for a bit, that is until they get, or rather Dean gets, obsessed with figuring out just what the number be scrawled on Sam's hand means. 45489. It's not a locker, a zip code, or a bank number. They just can't figure it out. Which makes sense, since it's missing a number. Only they don't know that, so they send it off to Frank, who we met some episodes back. The conspiracy theorist type who helped changed their identities, remember? Yep. They haven't heard from him in a while, and Dean wants to check in on him, but then Sam gets a call on Bobby's line from a girl looking for help from Bobby. Not wanting to leave a young girl high and dry, Sam goes off to help her while Dean goes off to find Frank.

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Sam does not look amused, Sally.
Well, we all know how it goes when the boys split up. Someone ends up tied up. This time around it's Sam, but not until he first meets the young girl in question - Krissy, whose father went missing a couple days previously. She puts on the act like she's the innocent daughter, but I could tell she knew more than she was letting on. Sam finds the dad's secret map of clues and heads off to find him, but ends up falling into practically the same trap he did, getting caught by a tag team of Vetala. They're some kind of venomy snake women.

Meanwhile, Dean has tracked down Frank, and after convincing each other that neither of them are leviathans, they get to work. Frank tells Dean that he figured out Bobby probably wasn't able to write down all of the numbers, and after running some kind of number thingamajig, comes up with coordinates that lead them to a field in Wisconsin. They check out the field, but right now it's pretty empty. Which would be harmless enough, except there's surveillance everywhere, and some people surveying the area, clearly getting ready to build something. What? We don't know, and we don't find out yet, because that's when Dean finds out that Sam's in trouble.

Krissy calls up Dean after not hearing from Sam for a couple days, and he goes off to find him. Only this time around, Krissy fesses up that she knows what's what, and wants to go with Dean to find Sam and her dad. Dean tries to leave her behind, but she's a crafty one. Once they arrive at whatever abandoned warehouse they're hiding out in, Dean handcuffs Krissy inside the car and goes in alone.

At first it looks like it's going to be Dean to the rescue, but then Krissy runs in and gets caught by Sally, the sexy vetala. Guess those handcuffs were not foolproof (bobby pins are so versatile!). Dean gets a bit deer in the headlights when they threaten Krissy, and in the end it's Krissy herself who ends up stabbing and killing Sally, with Sam taking out the other one while Dean distracts her. They'll live to fight another day.

Except that Dean apparently seems to convince Krissy and her dad that they should give up the hunting life and go for a normal one. Maybe she could go to even, say, Stanford, like a certain ginormo little brother did.

Alas, it is too late for the brothers Winchester to get out of the hunting life now. Particularly when they've got their sights set on Dick Roman. Just what he's up to, we'll find out later. Probably not next week, though, as it looks to be a time travel episode.

Random Thoughts:

- Did you know that Meghan Ory, the girl who played Sally the sexy vetala, also guest starred in Dark Angel with Jensen Ackles? She was Rachel Berrisford in The Berrisford Agenda episode, one of the best episodes of that series ever, actually. I knew she looked familiar!

- Madison McLaughlin, who played Krissy, really knocked it out of the park, I thought.

- Frank basically tells Dean to fake it til you make it. To live week to week, putting a smile on his face, masking the pain beneath. Dean attempts to do just that at the end of the episode, but he's not the most successful. Dean, Dean. You're really not good at masking your emotions, dude. It never ends well. Just saying.

- We had not just one but two songs in the episode tonight! What! That's crazy. Crazy awesome.

- Every time Frank said Dean looked like crap, I couldn't help but think - not really. Maybe it's just too hard to make Jensen look crappy? Probably.

- The previously made a big deal about Lucifer still being around in Sam's head. We going to see more of that manifest?

- The disappearing beer. Speculation seems to be either Cas or ghost Bobby. Honestly at the time I just thought it was Dean losing track of his beer because he's kind of an alcoholic, but who knows.


Frank: Oh yeah. Dick Roman's not a leviathan. Gwyneth Paltrow's not a leviathan.
Dean: Really?
Frank: Trust me.

"Costume. What?" - Dean

Krissy: Bad actress, huh?
Dean: I take it back.

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  1. Hey Jen another year has gone by we survived 2011! Yay! So how was your holiday?

    Now to Supernatural business. I loved the episode mainly because I WAS RIGHT about the numbers, didn't I say they were map coorordinates? Yes I did! Ahahaha!

    One thing that bothered me the whole awkward stares Dean and Sam gave each other during the second scene as they were decompressing after Bobby's passing. I thought the episode should have started with his funeral, either burning his bones or burying him. I would think they buried him still it would have been nice. Maybe see Jody one last time grieving after all she did have a moment where she was developing a crush on him. Oh well it's not like the writers haen't dropped plotlines in favor of more 'shocking' twists. Ex. The angel weapons plot dropped for Cas' transformation twist.

    As for the case of the missing beer I doubt it was Cas who did it. To me it would seem out of character for him to sneak alcohol even in stealth mode. Though he has acted out of character from time to time such as his make out session with Meg, so who knows. Ghost Bobby seems more likely since the ending to Death's Door was left open to interpretation. On one hand he could have left with the reaper into the afterlife or he gave that reaper the once over and decided to remain a spirit on earth, to keep after his boys. Or like you pointed out It could very well be Dean's alcohol fueled depression once again the writers left it open to interpretation.

  2. My holiday was good aside from getting a cold. Hope you had a nice one as well.

    Yeah it was kind of obvious it would be coordinates, I didn't really think there was going to be another option!

    I did notice when the beer thing happened there seemed to be some small kind of "woosh" sound, and apparently according to others who have rewatched the scene, it was indeed full one moment and empty the next, so it must be something.

  3. My Christmas was great, I was able to see my whole family for the holidays this year first time in so many years, a great time with just plain old fashioned holiday fun. Sorry to hear about your cold I hope this didn't dampen your holiday mood too much.

    After reading your comment I did rewatch that particular scene and after replaying it a couple of times (the speakers on my PC suck!) did notice a faint woosh. So it very well could be Bobby or Cas trying to contact our boys. Thinking bout it some more the idea of it being Cas would fit since I dont know if you know (I'm pretty sure you do!) but Misha is returning to the show either next week or the week after and the bottle emptying could be him trying to make contact.

    Did you also happen to notice in the teaser for next weeks episode where Dean once again goes time traveling. I have no idea if you were ever an X-Phile or just a casual fan of the X-Files, but one of the reoccuring actors on that show Nicholas Lea was briefly shown wearing a fedora. I literally jumped up and down in my seat. IT"S KRYCEK YAAAY!!! Though everytime an X-Files alum shows up in the series I get the same reaction.

  4. I was caught in a Fringe-athon and thought I'd wait until I was caught up with that to watch Supernatural. So I'm a tad behind here.

    Did you also notice that Meghan Ory plays Red in Once Upon a Time? Gorgeous girl.

    I'm guessing Cas is the missing beer? Seems more like Bobby, but why would they give us so many shots of Cass at the opener? We'll see.

    I'm getting ready to watch the next one now. I was so proud of our boys (and our fans) that they won the people's choice awards in TWO categories! Favorite sci fi is a bit of a given, but best drama is a wonderful win! The writers deserve some serious recognition.

    1. Yep I did know that about Meghan Ory! :)

      My guess is also Cas on the missing beer, for pretty much the same reason. They showed lots of clips of him, and I already know he's coming back in some capacity.