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SYTYCD S9: Top 6 Perform

So, this is totally weird, right? It's the top 6 performance show, but there's no voting because of this whole new voting system. Instead, there will be a performance finale next week, I assume followed up by a results finale the following day? I guess. It just made this week's show feel sort of superfluous, really. And also angering, because I don't agree with one of the top four guys at allllll. Like, no. Ugh.
Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 - Top 6 Perform by

The guest judge this week was repeater Christina Applegate. Each dancer performed a solo, a partner dance with an all star, and a partner dance with a fellow contestant. Thus, I'm not sure how exactly to go about this recap. All individually is just too long, so I guess... okay we're going seat of the pants! Seat of the pantsss!

Tiffany - Tiffany's night started with her all-star partner performance with season two winner Benji in a Jean-Marc Genereaux choreographed jive. It was a lot of fun, full of energy, and she really kept up with him. I was actually quite impressed at how well she did. The flick kicks, especially. I'm not just saying that because the judges all mentioned them, but because I also noticed! Okay! I can be smart about dance moves too! I'm thinking Tiffany could pull a Jeanine and win, but it'll probably depend on what happens next week. Her solo was another bit of just okay for me, but that's becoming par for the course for solos.

Witney - Witney's night started with a very bullfighter-esque solo that felt a bit haphazard to me, but at least she planned something out? Sure. Her all-star dance was with Marko, who was sporting a sadly shaved head (can I just do a quick sidenote and say: guys, if you have hair, why would you shave it? Do you know how many balding men would kill for naturally growing thick hair? I DON'T GET YOU.). They had a Ray Leeper lyrical jazz piece that honestly didn't really wow me that much. I wrote "cute," which basically equals to meh? It's not like it was bad or anything, though Christina did point out that Wit has a tendency to flip her hair around, hairography style, too much.

Eliana - Eliana's started her night with all-star Twitch in a Chris Scott hip hop piece. But wait, are we sure this was hip hop? Because it felt more like jazzy broadway schmooze to me with not enough actual dancing. Which is sad, because normally I really like Chris Scott's routines. But this one really didn't feel like it was enough, and if this was what you were going to base your predictions on, I would've been very worried about Eliana's chances to get into the final four. Her solo later on was rather understated, and I'm not sure in a good way? I dunno, I'm all over the place.

Cole - Cole started his night with all-star Melanie in a Sonya Tayeh jazz piece that featured one of the my two favorite songs of the evening (Too Close by Alex Clare, if you care, see what I did there?). I wanted to love this piece, because it has two of my favorite dancers coupled with one of my favorite choreographers, so it should automatically be brill, right? But I kind of wanted to feel more than I did from it. I'm not sure what exactly was missing, maybe it was something about how Cole is just so controlled in his movement sometimes, it doesn't come across as natural? Does that make any sense at all? Not saying it was bad, because it was good, but something was missing. Cole's solo was all about strength and power, almost to an angry place? That lift toe thing he did was pretty cool, and honestly I just loved all of the comments from his mom. D'awwwww

Chehon - Chehon's night began with his solo, which was all about strength, in a more controlled, fluid sense than Cole's angry strength. That's how I'm describing it anyhow. Sure! His all-star dance was with Katherine in a Tyce Diorio contemporary that was quite frankly one of his best performances on the show, period. He was so emotionally invested, and actually let go, which is something that seems to be rather hard for him to do. I would say he has probably grown the most out of all the dancers left. You may say it's someone else, but I will disagree with you until the cows come home about that, peeps, I will.

Cyrus - Cyrus' night started the latest, with all-star Comfort in a Chris Scott choreographed dubstep routine that was pretty much just tailor-made to show off Cyrus' particular style. Honestly it just felt like a gift to him. I was hoping it would be a parting gift, but I guess there is always going to be heartbreak for me on this show in one form or another, because ugh. His solo wasn't as good as we've seen him do in the past. I really just wanted him to move across the stage more than just stand there, but whatever, my rose-colored glasses have been firmly stomped on in regards to Cyrus at this point. That sounds mean, but I just can't anymore.

And now, on to the contestant partner dances....

Witney & Chehon - I mean, a train wreck, right? These two had a Jean-Marc cha cha that was just all kinds of wrong. The first lift in the beginning was botched, Chehon was completely out of his comfort zone and it showed big big time. The whole thing was missing a spark and felt really slow. Chehon totally knew he messed it up, but the thing was, Witney didn't really shine much either, and this is her style, right?

Eliana & Cole - So, can I just say, when I saw it was Eliana and Cole in a Mia Michaels contemporary, I made this really stupid squeally noise that could not be contained. Dream! Come! True! And it was. The routine was just the perfect mix of awesome music choice (my other favorite of the night - Adagio for Strings by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra), the movement, and their performances. I had some major chills by the end of it, and kept muttering "wow" to myself like a loon. I was feeling it. Honestly a lot of it was because the music was just so perfect, but man. Yes.

Cyrus & Tiffany - How many times have they given Cyrus the pimp spot? Come ON. These two had a Spencer Liff Broadway routine that for me relied more on chemistry and acting than actual dancing, which is basically the Cyrus MO at this point. He just doesn't move his legs enough. I mean, good on him for getting through the coat issue without much fanfare, but I still wasn't very wowed by the routine. It was fine.

The point is, I'm upset that Cyrus has made it into the finale and Cole hasn't. If you couldn't already tell, and if that's the case then wow, you really don't pick up on things.

Final Four:

The girls? Yes. Perfect. But the guys? I mean, I just... sigh. I know this has no bearing on real life, but really? If he beats Chehon, I will have lost all respect for the voters. Although I pretty much already have now that both Cole and Will are out. This is like Mark all over again! He should've been in the top four of his season too! Ugh! Why!

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