Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Supernatural 11x15 "Beyond the Mat"

Here's the thing. Not once do I ever remember the Winchesters reminiscing about watching wrestling with their dad as kids. Sure, there's a lot of time we did not see with them growing up, but they acted like this was a somewhat big part of their lives as children, to the point where Sam's first crush was one of the managers of the shows? Okay, fine. Whatever.

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 11x15 "Beyond the Mat"
In a weird turn of events, I was more intrigued by Crowley's storyline than anything else in this episode. So I'll start with that. Casifer has his minions on a mission to find another hand of GAHHG, he's generally rude to Crowley, making him lick the floor and such, which supposedly engenders some sympathy from some of the other demons. One such demon, Simmons, who was so adamantly in Casifer's pocket last episode, shows up to free Crowley, saying there are some people still on his side, yada yada.

They escape, and he takes her back to his secret lair where he has hidden some artifacts, one such artifact being a hand of GAHHG. Of course, Simmons was secretly working for Casifer this whole time. Luckily, however, Crowley was not an idiot and didn't believe she was really on his side. He activates the stick thing, tries to use its power to vanquish Casifer, but hits Simmons instead, sadly leaving the hand without any juice. Luckily, though, he manages to do the disappearing thing before Casifer can get him chained up again.

Meanwhile, the Winchesters are off paying their respects to some wrestler guy, only to stumble into a case, as is their wont, after a guest is killed at one of the matches. Someone has died at each of the places on the tour, so something must be afoot. Is it supernatural? Is that the show's name? Sam finds out that there was some symbol left on each body or crime scene, to be honest I wasn't paying attention, but it basically leads them to believe a demon is snatching up souls. Who could the demon be?
Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 11x15 "Beyond the Mat"
Dean gives holy water laced tequila to a bunch of the wrestlers, but none of them flinch. Must be that annoying guy who left before he got there, right? Well, in a word, no. Instead, the demon turns out to be working with Dean's favorite wrestler Gunner, or rather, ordering around his favorite wrestler, who sold his soul to him, and in order to keep his stay on Earth extended rather than let the hellhounds take him down under, he's doing the demon's bidding.

Which inevitably leads to Dean being tossed around the room, trying to talk sense into Gunner, which eventually leads to Gunner stabbing ole demon in the back with the demon-killing knife. Bye bye demon, hello hellhounds. Alas, they were not able to save his soul, but mayhap they can save the world at large from that looming darkness, which is always looming and rarely around, apparently.

And we're off for a month. Yes, it's a mini hiatus until the end of March. Until then...

Random Thoughts:

- The "keep grinding" line there at the end reminded me of The Grinder. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but it was especially funny because I just watched an episode of that before this.

- How many of these hands of GAHHG are there, and why haven't they all been used up already if it's so easy to do so?


Sam: You realize you just literally described our jobs.

Dean: What, did he get in a tickle fight with Edward Scissorhands?

Dean: I think I hear my liver screaming at me.

Crowley: With all due respect Simmons, I don't think you can handle my rod.
Casifer: I bet I can. Is it just me, or is it getting a little phallic in here?

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