Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Supernatural 11x16 "Safe House"

Well, my friends, it's been a fair few weeks since the last Supernatural episode, and since my last blog post. Whoops. Lots of life stuff was happening (new job, moving), so my baking posts unfortunately took a hit. Hopefully back at it soon! Also news: Supernatural, along with every other CW show, was renewed for another season. Yay/nay? I'm not sure anymore, but such is life.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester & Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 11x16 "Safe House"This week's return episode was actually a lot of fun. I get annoyed when the show brings back dead characters too often, but this was definitely an exception. Because it wasn't really bringing someone back, but rather featuring a flashback that had a nice little twist at the end. Let's just get the cat out of the bag now - we get to see Bobby and Rufus bantering/bickering again, so that's automatically a treat.

On to the episode and the case of the week/half decade. After feeling cold spots and seeing flickering lights in her room, a little girl is grabbed and dragged offscreen. Her mom finds her in a coma, unable to be awoken. The brothers find this case, and soon find that a pair of other hunters had been investigating the very same house about five years previously. What a coincidence! But we'll forgive that, because it's fun.

At first they think they must be dealing with a classic ghost situation, but after discovering that Bobby and Rufus had already burned some bones back in the day, they have to rule that out. Also ruled out? The Bacco Rufus thinks the creature may be. While the boys look into the people that were taken comatose the first time around, Bobby thinks he's figured out what the thing really is - a Soul Eater. The Soul Eater essentially traps a person's soul in this nest that exists in another dimension outside of time. It keeps the souls there for, essentially, eternity while it continues to feed, or something. Bobby knows of a symbol to trap it from a previous encounter with another one, but the Winchester discover, thanks to the Men of Letters, that there is actually a way to kill it rather than just trap it.

Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer in Supernatural 11x16 "Safe House"The way to kill it? The both have to paint the symbol in the house - only one person has to do it from inside the nest. Dean draws the short straw this time around, and lets the monster take him to the other side. Back years ago, Bobby also gets taken by the soul eater while Rufus works on completing their symbol on the wall. That gets complicated when the soul eater is able to kind of possess Bobby's body to try to get Rufus to stop. Which we all know means Dean also gets possessed and bashes around Sam a bit.

However, the hunters prevail. Rufus paints his trap, Sam paints his symbol, and poof, evil soul eater is dunzo. And because that nest place exists in a kind of different plane, Dean and Bobby briefly see each other. And it was really only because the brothers completed that killing symbol that Bobby ever was released from the nest in the first place. Ah, time wimey stuff.

A fairly simple episode, but it was nice and definitely one of my favorite ones of the season so far. 

Random Thoughts:

- Bobby got to say idjit(s) a whopping three times throughout this episode, unless I missed another one.

- Though Dean won the rock-paper-scissors fight recently, he went back to his losing streak, though we didn't get to see if it was because he played scissors first again.

- The people in the nest were super creepy with their blacked out mouths. Eep.

- Does anyone else not really care about this whole Darkness business? The problem is, we know they are somehow going to defeat it, because they always do, so it starts to lose some tension for me.


Bobby: Wait a minute, I'm supposed to be your friggin' back up?
Rufus: Yeah. If by backup you mean you do all the heavy lifting while I watch.

Dean: There's gotta be an easier way to dig graves.

Rufus: Oldest rule of hunting, Bobby, you can't save everyone.

Sam: My head hurts.
Dean: Let's get drunk and not think about this ever again.

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