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Supernatural 11x18 "Hell's Angel"

Recap/review of Supernatural 11x18 "Hell's Angel" by freshfromthe.comGuess who's back, back again, Rowena's back, tell a friend. What's that? We've resurrected a character thought dead once again? Just another Wednesday on Supernatural! Yes, apparently the good witch Rowena had secretly concealed some spell inside herself to save her from death, and she's been hiding out all this time, basically trying to decipher who might win the big fight. She's chosen Amara, and has been helping her regain her strength, so she can be on the "right" side, blah blah. Of course, when Amara shows her true powers and expels a bunch of smoke up into Heaven, Ro's a little like hmm well that's a bit scary, maybe not.

Meanwhile, Crowley has been able to easily find one of the Hands of God now that they're looking for them, and in a terrible bit of CGI, heads to the desert to get it. He calls up the Winchesters, wanting to work together to get Lucifer back in the cage using said Horn of Joshua as bait/leverage. Half the episode is then spent in a warehouse where he argues with Sam and Dean about the proper timeline they should follow. No, really, it felt like a long ass amount of arguing.

And, in Heaven, Casifer has stopped by to say hello and basically try to get the angels on his side. Really I think he's just there so he's around when Amara throws her weight around, so he can further the angel fear of her power.

Back in the warehouse of relentless arguing, Rowena makes herself known, and they form some kind of plan to trap Lucifer and get Castiel to expel him so they can then send him back into the cage. It works okay at first, until they get to the part where Dean tries to convince Cas to actually do the expelling. Crowley smokes out of his body and into Cas' to try to talk to him on the inside, but Cas is all la la la let me watch my shows and pretend it's all okay. The Winchesters exorcise Crowley back out of Cas' body, but the wards are wearing off, so Casifer takes the horn and is ready to kill the Winchesters, but...

Recap/review of Supernatural 11x18 "Hell's Angel" by freshfromthe.comYep, Amara shows up. She says she was tracking Rowena, but I think really she was like "oh no, Dean could die, gotta save my lovey dove." Casifer then activates the horn, even though I thought merely touching said hands of GAHHG activated them, but what do I know, I only pay attention to the rules sometimes. He goes all smitey MacGee, but lo! Amara is not smitten! Or would that be smote? Grammar! Instead, she takes Casifer off to the other abandoned warehouse (lots of warehouses here) she's been using, which Rowena knows the location of, so seems kind of dumb to do, but WHATEVER DARKNESS.

The good lady Amara thinks that perhaps, just maybe big bro GAHHG will take interest and show up if she preys upon his very first creation, his once most beloved. Casifer is not so sure she understands his great disinterest, but we all must know by now that the great GAHHG will have to show up by the end of the season or all will be bunk. Nonetheless, she gets to torturing him, or something, whatever it is that makes him go all light-y up inside.

Back at their humble abode, the Winchesters are wondering just what in tarnation they can do next if the Hand thing didn't work. Dean surmises that perhaps because Lucifer is not actually chosen by GAHHG, then he can't be strong enough to use the Hand to do the smiting of Amara. O-kay. Who the heck would be such a chosen being, then? Dun dun dun.

Random Thoughts:

- No but really, that CGI bit in the beginning felt like a different show. So strange, I actually laughed out loud and said "What?"

- All joking aside, this season has been one of the better ones in the back half of this show. I like that they actually did the whole hand of god/Lucifer try out now rather than drawing that out some more. Nice little twist there.

- What do we all think of the return of Rowena? Was her return planned all along, or no? On the one hand, maybe, on the other, I feel like we would've been given a hint if she'd done something like that so it didn't come out of nowhere if it was really a plan all along. Personally I find her annoying most of the time, as she doesn't really seem to care about anything but her own skin, but okay. She's back. Okay.

- The real question is - if GAHHG does show up, which it seems like he must, will it be in the form of everyone's favorite prophet, Chuck? I never liked the idea of Chuck secretly being God, even if others do. So, blah to that. But I guess we'll find out soon enough. Only a handful of episodes left this season.


Dean: Nice digs. What, the crypt keeper out of town?

Crowley: Did I say this would be easy? No, I did not.

Casifer: It's not like he invented the Prius, which actually works.

Casifer: Hey, if it makes you comfy, you can call me God.

Casifer: You know what they say, he who hesitates, disintegrates.

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