Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Supernatural 11x17 "Red Meat"

Again we have a nice diversion from the main arc of the season, and again I like it better than any of the episodes dealing with said arc. This seems to be becoming a theme for me. But I do enjoy when Supernatural decides to take a classic episode and turn a little twist on it. This time around, they did the thing that's become a bit of a trope - starting in the middle of the action, then flashing back to some hours later to show how they got there. Man does that annoy me, it's done so often.
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The case of the week was something of a run of the mill werewolf case, so thankfully we didn't actually have to spend that much time in the flashbacks to how they got there. Basically, they hunted down some werewolves who'd trapped a couple people, fighting ensued, and Sam got shot in the stomach! What's this, one of them actually getting shot?! Even worse, while Dean is off, like, protecting or something, the dude they saved tells Sam he's slowing them down and proceeds to choke him to death! Say what.

Of course, no one sees him do this, so after Dean has a moment to be like "what, Sam, no" they are forced to run off because of the werewolves, leaving poor Sammy there all dead on the floor. They manage to flag down a state trooper rather conveniently, but instead of Dean being able to drop off the couple and go back to Sam, he gets a taser in the back for his troubles.

When he comes to, he's not too happy. Michelle, the female half of the couple, is all apologetic and on his side, and something she says reminds him that maybe he can try to talk to a reaper to get Sam back. So he gets the brilliant idea to down a bunch of pills to essentially "die" and talk to said reaper, who is of course Billie. BUT! MEANWHILE! Sam magically awakens back in the forest, not dead after all! Time to go full Revenant, Sam, you can do it. Because despite massively bleeding from the gut, Sam is able to take down the two werewolves who have come back to find him. What did I say? Full Revenant.
Recap/review of Supernatural 11x17 "Red Meat" by
Anywayz, back at the hospital, Dean chats with Billie, who's all like psych Sam's not even dead, yo! You just wasted your life! Luckily, however, the doctor brings him back before he actually dies. He tries to leave to find Sam, but it turns out that Corbin, the male killer half of that couple, had been bitten by one of the werewolves, and starts transforming then and there. Now, I get that the other two were purebreds, so they could transform whenever, but does that then translate to someone they bite? Because it seems like it shouldn't. But whatever, we fly fast and loose with the rules lately on this show anyway. Dean is about to get his own self choked to death when Sam saves the day, killing his third werewolf of the day while bleeding out of the gut and near death.

Later, Sam wants to know what Dean did after thinking he was dead, and Dean is all like "oh nothing, I knew you weren't really dead." Which Sam totally believes. Not!

Random Thoughts:

- Next week is back to the stupid Darkness plot. Blah blah and weep weep.

- This episode felt super short to me, but then I was only half paying attention before the first commercial break, so maybe that was just my perception. Interesting combo of werewolves and Reapers.

- I was going to be kind of annoyed if they killed one of them only to bring them back again, but luckily they side-stepped that a little bit by making Sam only "mostly" dead. Though it seems like Dean was also "mostly" dead, so why didn't Sam also get a visit from Billie the Reaper, eh?


Sam: You know we always talk about taking a break, going camping. This could be our camping. Could be fun.
Dean: Yeah, which part? Freezing our nuts off in the middle of the woods on a thin lead?

Michelle: How exactly do you talk to an evil scary death machine?
Dean: Easy. I die.

Billie: Time to say bye bye to Luigi, Mario.

Billie: Trust me, if the Big W bit it, I'd get a call.

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  1. I was under the impression that any werewolf who was turned by someone within four generations of a purebred can control their transformation at will? I forget what episode established that, maybe the episode where the boys figure out that Garth had been turned? Because he and his pack all had that ability, as did Kate and those dumb college kids whose name I forget from that one Season 8/9 episode? The most recent seasons are kind of a blur for me, though, so I could be wrong.

    1. You very well could be right, hard to keep track of the rules when they seem to introduce new ones or change them to fit the current need (like a vampire cure!).

  2. I've been trying to figure out why Dean needed to die in order to summon Billie. It seems the writers have forgotten their own retconning back in season 8's "Taxi Driver" (which, don't even get me started on that one...) where apparently they can just see and walk right up to reapers now.
    Even recently, with Tessa, Dean could see her and walk right up to her, so why couldn't he just find a random reaper? Why did it have to be Billie? And why couldn't he just do a summoning spell instead of taking drastic measures with his life? This flip-flopping of cannon every time frustrates me to no end. Even if it's retconned, I wish they'd make up their minds and then stick with it for once.

    1. I do remember him once having to sort of "die" in order to talk to Death, but yeah I admit I barely even remember that episode you mentioned, so who the heck knows. They love to change the rules to fit what's needed at the moment, it seems!