Thursday, May 11, 2017

Supernatural 12x21 "There's Something About Mary"

Recap/review of Supernatural 12x21 "There's Something About Mary" by then. Where to begin. As you may recall, the BMOL captured Mary after she figured out what was going on and tried to escape. Now, they're doing mind whammy stuff on her to "realign" her as Toni says, drugging her up and having her kill other hunters. She's losing it, which is their goal, and even tries to get Ketch to just kill her rather than let it happen. But Ketch is apparently a total dick, and despite having the hint of tears in his eyes, does nothing.

Meanwhile, the boys have started hearing about the deaths of many hunters, including Eileen, who we saw not too long ago, and who was unceremoniously killed off in the opening bits of the show with little fanfare. Um. Okay. Sigh. Jody calls them up to tell them of some more deaths, and they're starting to put two and two together, particularly when they get a letter from Eileen saying she thought her phones were tapped by the BMOL.

They decide to search the bunker for taps as well, and lo and behold, they find the one under the table. So they set up a trap for the BMOL. Things seem to be going just fine when they capture Toni and bring her back to the bunker, only Ketch and some of the other BMOL are there waiting. Blah blah, they do a kind of cool shot 'em up scene that ends up Mary showing up in full brainwash, holding her gun on the boys and forcing them to let Toni and Ketch go.

Recap/review of Supernatural 12x21 "There's Something About Mary" by Ketch and Mary leave, he tells them he's reversed the oxygen, turned off the water, etc. to the bunker, so they'll only be able to survive for a couple days after the close the door behind them. And of course the please to Mary from Sam and Dean go apparently unnoticed. Ketch also leaves Toni behind, as they are both in contention for heading up the American contingent of the BMOL, blah blah.

Meanwhile, Lucifer has been getting help from a demon to weaken the spell on him, so he can get out of Crowley's grasp and find his unborn son, etc. Somehow, the spell has suddenly decided to start reversing, so by the end of the episode, Lucifer is able to start controlling Crowley instead of the other way around. He beats him around a bit, and seemingly kills him with an angel knife, but duh, no way will they kill Crowley in such a manner, and when you don't see the light and crap when he stabs him, it only confirms that Crowley stole into the rat he looked at before being stabbed.

And then the show ends on the weirdest and stupidest green screen ever of Lucifer standing on a mountain looking over the world. It looked so fake, good GAHHG.

Random Thoughts:

- So you're just going to keep killing off and/or neutering the strong females? Granted, Eileen isn't Jody. I think the fandom would truly revolt if they killed Jody, but come on. You basically killed a strong girl last week, and now this week again? For a show liked by mostly women, they still don't seem to have much respect for them sometimes. I'm sure some people will defend the decision and blah blah blah, but I'm just saying what I personally think.

- Is this the end of the bunker as a home base?

- Will they actually kill Mary off by the end of this? Will she remember who she is and kill herself before allowing something to happen to her boys? I feel like they aren't going to allow this other strong female to live through the season.

- Does anyone care about this stupid Lucifer child storyline anymore? I honestly wouldn't have cared if they killed Crowley at this point. Move on. Seriously.

- Like, I don't know, where does the show keep going? They keep recycling the same stuff. It seems like it will never end at this point.


Dr. Hess: Did you notice my sigh of relief? Oh right, there wasn't one.

Toni: Trust me, the cream always rises to the top.
Ketch: Oh I agree.

Dean: You keep that up, we're gonna have to start dating.

Lucifer: Master strategist. More like Kermit the Frog.

Toni: Rule of thumb... if you think we killed someone, we probably did.

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  1. I wish they'd blow up the bunker and put the boys on the streets again, like the good old episodes when they were hopping from motel room to motel room, living in their car because they had no other option. Season 1 Dean said he never wanted to settle down, and while he experimented with it (e.g. Lisa and Ben) he still always found himself back on the road. However, one of the top guys (can't remember who it was, but it was on Twitter) confirmed yesterday they're not going back to the motel rooms, because the sets are too expensive to build/tear down for each episode.

    Which also makes me wonder where all that money is going. Because it's certainly not for the music licensing, like it used to be. I don't think I've heard a single classic rock song this season. At this point I'll be surprised if they use Kansas for the finale next week.

    1. Forgot to mention that I agree with your thoughts, except maybe with a lot more ire. They're recycling plotlines, yes; nobody cares about Lucifer's kid anymore, Cas is literally doing the same thing he did end of Season 6, and they've completely wiped any of the accountability that killing Death/Billie stood for--that cosmic actions have cosmic consequences. Never mind killing great potential characters solely for the man pain. And at this point I'm hoping Mary dies, because A) it's obviously going to happen, so I'm not even going to argue it at this point, and B) she's done less with more screen time than John ever did. At least John didn't constantly lie to the boys, sleep with the enemy, and all around just do shit to assuage his own guilt. He did the best he could while training them to protect themselves. Mary's plotline right now, whatever it is, doesn't even coincide with the heart of the show. They've not only given me no sympathy for the character, but actively dislike her, because she has nothing to do with the Supernatural I've known and loved.

      Twitter was a shitshow last night. Tumblr too. Funny thing is, the fans are on point. "If you can only move a story forward, or motivate your characters, over the body of a woman: re-evaluate your understanding of both." That was the the sentiment most expressed last night, aside from unabashed rage. Too bad the powers that be aren't listening.

    2. Thanks so much for your comments. I'm so glad everyone feels the same way I do. I saw some of the twitter ire last night, but hadn't watched the episode yet so I didn't read too much of it at that point.

      I just... why even bring Mary back if you're going to relegate her to the sidelines for most of the season? They were like oh wait the show is about the two of them, we can't have her every episode. So instead of making her interesting and cool, nope! Make her another symbol of abandonment! That's what they need to feel more man pain! I think I like her more than others, but maybe I'm just desperate for a regular female on the show.

      But yeah, just killing off women wantonly with hardly any regard, when I'm not sure they've ever done that to a male character (I could be wrong, but good lord the show has been on a long time to keep track of all that), is supremely aggravating.

      It all makes me so sad because Supernatural was legitimately my favorite show the first five seasons. Sigh.