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Supernatural 12x22 "Who We Are" and 12x23 "All Along the Watchtower"

Well, here we are at the end of season twelve. My goodness, can you believe it's been twelve years? That just seems nuts to me. Does anyone have any bets as to just how long this show will keep going? If they could quit recycling the same stories over and over, it wouldn't be so bad, but that seems to be what happens. A lot.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Elizabeth Blackmore as Toni Bevell in Supernatural 12x22 "Who We Are" But let's get on to what happened in this particular finale. It's not really a two hour finale, but rather the two final episodes smushed together on the same night, as the stories aren't really related. Honestly, it would've been more interesting to me if they had actually combined the BMOL storyline with the whole Lucifer baby thing, but...nope. Basically you get two finales, one for the BMOL, and one for the whole angel/demon of it all.

So, let's start with the BMOL, since that's how it goes chronologically anyway. As you may recall, Ketch left the boys and Toni stuck in the bunker with seemingly no way out. They work on trying to find a spell to do it, then try some blunt force, and ultimately come up with the grenade launcher that Dean's wanted to use for years now. It works a charm, though he gets a pretty gnarly leg injury. They need to find Mary, and also warn the other hunters out there, and wouldn't you know it? Mary just happens to be visiting one of our favorite hunters, Jody.

Luckily, Jody is no slouch, so she and Alex managed to capture Mary before she could kill anyone. They want Toni to reverse the brainwashing on Mama Winchester, but she claims it can't be done. Nonetheless, while Sam and the other hunters go off to raid and kill all of the BMOL at their home base, Dean has Toni hook him up to Mary with some kind of brainwave thingy, and he has a chat with her in her unconscious, which happens to be when he was a young boy and Sam a wee babe. He gets through to her just in time, because Ketch shows up and starts beating him around. Of course you know Mary is going to get the last laugh here, which she does. She finally gives Ketch what he deserves - a bullet to the noggin.

Meanwhile, Sam and the others perform their raid pretty easily, and despite Hess trying to talk her way out of them killing her, claiming they need their help since Lucifer is back, nope. Jody gives her one to the noggin as well.

So, the Winchesters are reunited once more. But will they remain so in the next hour?

Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester, Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 12x23 "All Along the Watchtower"On to the actual finale, where we catch up with Castiel and Kelly, who are off at a cabin somewhere awaiting the birth of the spawn of the devil. She's annoyed with some Ikea furniture, blah blah. He sees some kind of rift in the universe, blah bl... oh wait. That's new. We're not sure what this rift is, but it's not a great world on the other side. Spoiler alert - it's a parallel world, not the future.

The Winchesters aren't sure what to do about Lucifer, particularly after they call up Rowena only to have Luci answer on the other end. However, as we all knew, Crowley didn't really die last we saw him, but stole himself into that rat. He red smokes back into his body, and gets a scene straight out of the season 4 premiere where Dean emerged from beneath the earth. So, yes, Crowley pops into the bunker and offers his help. He'll help them put Lucifer back in the cage, then he'll close up the gates of Hell, and they'll all leave each other in peace. Sounds good enough.

They still need to find Cas and Kelly, but once they notice some odd happenings in the Pacific Northwest, they're on the right track. While Mary hangs out with Kelly in the throes of labor, Cas shows the boys the rift, and what's on the other side. Basically, a world where they were never born, which means they weren't around to stop the angels and demons fighting an endless war against each other. But also means Bobby and Rufus are still alive, as well as the OG Mary Campbell. We only see Bobby, but I admit that was a surprise for me for once.

Lucifer shows up, so it's time for a new plan. Get him stuck over in the other world, and lock him in the cage there, seal the rift, and Bob's your uncle. They succeed in getting him to the other side, and Crowley works on the spell, but it needs one last ingredient - a life. Turns out, he's going to sacrifice himself this time around. And that death I believe much more. It activates the spell, but... Lucifer is still there? I don't get it. Was that just to close the rift? Whatever. It does start to shrink. The boys jump through.

But even though Cas tries to jump through and stop Lucifer from coming back over, he does, and ends up killing Cas in the process. Well well well, if this really is meant to end the whole angel/demon storyline and start things fresh, killing both Crowley and Cas would certainly do it. Lucifer turns to the boys, but Mary steps in with her angel-hurting brass knuckles and starts beating him up. Which is to get him back through the rift, which she does, but she ends up getting pulled along too, and wouldn't you know it? Right when it closes. So Lucifer and Mary are stuck in this other Mad Max dimension. For now anyway.

Meanwhile, Sam runs off to find Kelly dead, and child footprints leading to the bedroom. The kid ain't no baby, but rather is already a child with golden yellow eyes and a rather demonic smile.

Okay then.

Random Thoughts:

- There was a Bitch. Jerk. moment. Haven't had one of those in a while.

- Really? They kill Rowena offscreen? My goodness, the treatment of women this season. That's two more minor recurring female characters and one major recurring female character offed without much fanfare. I know a lot of people don't like Rowena, but if that is really the end of her... I mean. Wow. Wait! I also forgot they showed Toni dead barely for a moment as well, killed by Ketch we assume. So that's four total women killed with little fanfare. Mind you, Ketch got his comeuppance on screen. I know Toni we don't care about as much, but sheesh.

- Is this really the last we'll see of Crowley and Castiel? I'm wondering what the reaction to it all is, as I haven't looked at any of it yet. To be honest, I'm tired of the angel and demon storylines, so I would be perfectly fine with it. I know there is a huge Castiel contingent out there, but what does he really have to do anymore?

- And is it the last of Mary? That seems less likely. I feel like for sure they'll try to find a way to get back to that other world. Maybe they'll swap Mary and the kid or something.

- I mean, is the evil child storyline not similar to the Amara one we already dealt with? Grows up fast, has evil powers, yada yada. Let's hope they make it different. Otherwise, it wasn't that great the first time around.

- I almost thought they weren't going to use Carry On in the recap, but it showed up after all. Was it really necessary for two recaps, though? Just more evidence having the two of them air together was not the original plan.


Sam: Goggles?
Dean: Goggles.

Dean: I always thought we'd go out Butch and Sundance style.
Sam: Blaze of Glory.
Dean: Blaze of Glory.

Dean: Okay beautiful. Yippee ki yay mother--

Sam: Go to Hell.
Lucifer: Good one. Witty. I'll use that in the future.

Castiel: I've read 74 books on child rearing, and there is one thing they all agree on. Everybody poops.

Mary: Kinda always wanted to punch the devil in the face.

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